Tuesday, May 26, 2015

French director Philippe Genty brought to Chekhov Festival performance of “Do not forget me” – the first channel

After Moscow, the audience will see a performance Genty Petersburg, Pskov, Voronezh and Yekaterinburg. Critics call this production “a journey through the ocean of the subconscious”, “visual poetry.”

After the Moscow performance Genty see the audience of St. Petersburg, Pskov, Voronezh and Yekaterinburg. Critics call this production “a journey through the ocean of the subconscious”, “visual poetry.”

To let the journalists behind the scenes Philippe Genty is usually strictly prohibited. This is because the secrets of the most mysterious theater director on the planet if it gets closer. But bizarre dolls, ominous masks and mannequins stubbornly kept secret as lifeless on the stage becomes alive.

“You know, the nicest compliment for me – it’s a whisper in the hall when the audience in amazement – where the doll, and where a living person. It really is not easy – if I did not know he would be confused. And this is my main trick – I want to have a mannequin on stage and the actor has one life, one for two “, – says director Philippe Genty .

In this life, they whirl in the dance, they die, raised, and share with each other fears. Great magician, puppeteer and philosopher, Genty does not leave the viewer a chance to understand how to create a mechanical turn into humans and suddenly again scatter limp plastic arms. To achieve the maximum similarity with the actor, on each dummy weighing about 15 kilograms of work for several weeks. And then the magic begins.

“Each of us has a twin. We have so much to him and asks: double Anne, for example. To get used to such a partner, you need about three months, at least. Because you’re playing two role – for myself and for him, and you and tell the story – your story, “- said the actress Anna Maga Vigelius.

Over every detail props runs a team of artists. Together with the director, they weave a story – a strange, funny, sometimes frightening, clear up to the end only two of them: Philippe Genty and his eternal muse and wife – choreographer Mary Underwood, one that all his life recorded in a thin notebook dreams of her beloved husband. Dreams, which he always generously shared with the world.

“For Philip most importantly – the way he remembered it. We used to decide together how this imagery to accompany – dancing, singing, just music. Thus was born a scenario where the main thing – the search for the meaning of life, an attempt to understand who we are in this world, why they came and where leave, “- explains the choreographer Mary Underwood.

However, before starting work on the most romantic of its production of” Do not forget me “blizzards, snowdrifts and skiers Philippe Genty not dreamed. Large flakes of snow falling outside the window of his chambers in the Norwegian hospital where three years ago Maestro is recovering after a stroke. As it turned out in Norway? There’s prestigious drama school director pleaded put performance. After much persuasion Jeanty surrendered.

“I’m probably one of the most devoted admirers of Philip, I dreamed that he came to us. However, every time I told him what I saw in his statement this or another sense, he said: “No, no, there is nothing even close to there,” – says the head of Olivier Perron theater school.

What’s productions Genty is exactly – the journey. The heroes of the dance to Latin rhythms, that are at the North Pole. roam the world, to be always on the move – this about himself Jeanty, who was once on a tiny car traveled 47 countries, 8 of deserts and everywhere gave puppet shows. Though as he says, merely said, how he sees the world with eyes closed.

Performance Philippe Genty – one of the most anticipated in the Chekhov Festival. The room – full house, and upon the artists for a long time do not let the scene. And the viewers seem to remain one-on one with the thought: maybe it was a dream.

Ekaterina Berezovskaya

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