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Gagarin made the Eurovision Song Contest is very worthy, experts say – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, May 24 – RIA Novosti. Russian singer Polina Gagarina, who took second place in the contest “Eurovision-2015″, in spite of the political situation, acted very adequately, experts say.

 Polina Gagarina during the announcement of the interim results at the Eurovision Song Contest

© AP Photo / Kerstin Joensson

The final competition was held in the Austrian capital Vienna on Saturday night, the first place in the competition went to shvedckomu Executive Mons Selmerlёvu (365 points), Polina Gagarina took second place with a score of 303 points. In third place was the group Il Volo from Italy (292 points).

“The result Pauline is very good. In the first place, worthy. Secondly, taking into account the international situation with regard to Russia, given the Russophobia, which, unfortunately, is present in Europe and America … Given that were quite strong performers, I believe that Pauline was very lucky, and we are fortunate that she has acted with dignity “- said the singer and Duma deputy Iosif Kobzon RIA Novosti.

He added that the Russia should always strive for first place. However, in view of international relations, second Gagarina – “this is the most worthy of recognition and the most worthy achievement of our wonderful girl”.

 Polina Gagarina acts in the final of Eurovision Song Contest

© AP Photo / Kerstin Joensson

State Duma deputy from the Communist Party Valery Rashkin said he was glad for Polina Gagarina.

“Politics is always there, just have talents talent … I’m happy for our actress, who in this difficult political situation, took second place. We have to fight, no matter what”, – said Rashkin RIA Novosti.

Among the countries that have put Russia the highest scores (10 and 12) proved to Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Estonia. At the same time Lithuania did not give Gagarina no points.

“That Lithuania voted … I do not exclude fraud. Someone said, how can you not believe? And how can you look at the European Union and America, which are administered sanctions and make fraud during voting in international organizations? ” – He added.

Professional worthy of every award

A very musical person, “worthy of all the awards,” said Gagarin musician Peter there, took part in “Eurovision” in 2010.

“Polina – a very musical person, I’m happy for her and wish her to take the next height of her career” – said Nalich RIA Novosti.

“The Best Russian party in recent years, said Gagarin singer Alena Sviridov.

“I do not watch vigilantly for the competition, but I know how to sing professionally Pauline, and the results – is a poker, which I absolutely do not understand. In my opinion, Polina – best Russian participant in recent years, and it’s very good that her talent was appreciated by European audiences, “- told RIA Novosti Sviridov.

The results of the contest proved that the policy should not be have a relationship to the music, I’m sure jazzman Igor Butman.

“I have not watched all the semi-finals of” Eurovision “and I can not assess the degree of professionalism of all the participants, I liked the Swede and Polina Gagarina – she sings professionally, the situation in the political arena complex, but policy should not have a relationship to music, that have proven results of “Eurovision”, – he told RIA Novosti Butman.

The producer Igor Matvienko live transmission of “Let Them Talk” on the First Channel said that Gagarin was a very good song, and expressed doubt that Russia needed the first place.

“I’m not sure even, that our country should be the first place. Not the best economic conditions to hold such competitions. But I am pleased that countries such as Germany, Austria, voted for us, “- said Matvienko.

On” Eurovision “Gagarin performed the song A Million Voices. As previously reported by Channel One, the composition – “the brainchild of an international team of authors (Gabriel Alares, Joachim Bernberg Katrina Norberg, Leonid Gutkin, Vladimir Matetsky)”.

In the final of the competition was attended by 27 countries. They performed in the following order: Slovenia, France, Israel, Estonia, Great Britain, Armenia, Lithuania, Serbia, Norway, Sweden, Cyprus, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Montenegro, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Hungary, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Albania and Italy.


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