Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gagarina got silver – BBC

In Vienna, ended the 60th song contest “Eurovision” – the winner was Swedish Selmerlёv Mons, declaring all heroes, and Russian singer Polina Gagarina with “a million voices” ranked second.

The forecast bookies made them before the finale of the anniversary, the 60th song contest “Eurovision” was completely justified – they were able to guess all three leaders and the places that they occupy.

The winner of “Eurovision-2015″ was the Swedish singer Selmerlёv Mons, who collected 365 points, representing the Russian Polina Gagarina – the second and the Italians Il Volo – third.

The final of “Eurovision” for the contestants is always special challenge – the participants almost two times more than in the semifinals, and towards the end of many is difficult to remember for purely physiological reasons. However, if the number remains in the memory of users of social networks to the very end, it’s easy to record favorite. Winner Mons Selmerlёv presented extremely effective number, against which seemed minor flaws songs.

His song «Heroes» («Heroes”) began as a stylish acoustic ballad, but finished standard Europop dance tune. Italians Il Volo presented to the public, may not be the most outstanding song («Grande amore»), but conveniently located on the top spot in the final concert.

Polina Gagarina were very good chance of winning.

First, a role played by a good number of the song «A Million Voices» («A million voices”), which culminated in the transformation of the dress of the singer in the starry sky. Second, emotional composition more or less repeated the hysterical optimism «Believe» Dima Bilan, who brought the “Eurovision” in Moscow. After the first semi-final, even the bookies Pauline moved to second place in its ranking.

His role was played by the highly responsible attitude to the singer’s assigned mission. The moment when it really does not control myself on stage, not to be false at the same time a single note, was one of the highlights of the final presentation.

The banality, but a spontaneous expression of emotions in the world of show business this day of honor. Judging by the reviews on social networks, Gagarin was able to draw to his side, even skeptical countrymen.

With regard to voting, here there were almost no sensation. But during the first half of the ads it seemed estimates that Russia will win – each country gave Pauline a few points, and repeatedly battered her and 12 points higher. At one point ahead of the Swede Russian singer – albeit with a narrow margin. The end came only when the decision announced last dozen countries (and there have been 40 – the number of participants).

It was then Mons abruptly pulled ahead and won the victory early, and Russia had to fight for the second place – and it is here that everything was decided at the last moment.

But the preserved legacy of the “Eurovision” vote on the, so to speak, a territorial basis. Moldova puts 12 points Romania, Montenegro – Serbia, and Serbia – Montenegro. The competition this year is a manifestation of good neighborliness looked remarkably frank and meet in the hall indignant roar, but it was expected. As well as voting for the Australian Guy Sebastian, who eventually became the fifth – but the number is, in principle, has been very, very good.

There have been surprises – for example, 12 points that Gagarin had from Germany.

The political engagement after such distribution of votes ” Eurovision “has no way to blame. However, despite the predictability In particular, the general process went very exciting for Russians and, above all, for the most Pauline.

In the final, suddenly detonated ostrosotsialnye themes that was characteristic of the first round of the “Eurovision-2015″. First, in the introductory video about relationships at a distance, shot by Austrian viewers, on any screen, kissing boys, then in kisses have merged the two same-sex couples – during a speech to present Lithuania Monica links and Vaidas Baum. Yes, and in the hall during the broadcast and then there were not only fans with rainbow LGBT flag, but also those who painted in seven colors of your own face.

The final alignment in for once, seems to satisfy absolutely everyone. Russia, like many European countries, for various reasons, “Eurovision” Now, it would probably be useless. Sweden, on the contrary, to host the competition is no stranger – the first time it brought the group ABBA in Stockholm back in 1975, and the “Eurovision-2016″ will be the sixth country. However, for fans of Selmerlёva there is good news – soon after the vote, he pledged to come to a concert in Russia.


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