Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gerard Depardieu is ready to die for Russia – Dni.Ru

The popular French actor Gerard Depardieu has received Russian citizenship , he said he was willing to die for their second home. And as he said he did not consider himself a Frenchman.

Gerard Depardieu. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press / Roger Harvey

The famous French actor Gerard Depardieu continues to make loud statements. No sooner had the community recover from the unexpected declaration of love Depardieu to Vladimir Putin, as a popular comedian said that Mb & gt; ready to die for Russia.

“I am ready to die for Russia, because the people here are strong. I do not want to die like a fool, France “, – quotes the edition of Gerard Depardieu Voici.

It should be noted that in recent years the eccentric Frenchman often shared with the press his revelations. So, before the actor stated that per day can pour a “12, 13, 14 bottles of” alcoholic beverages . Morning Star usually begins with champagne and a dinner, he goes to vodka. Depardieu admitted that he is taken for a glass when he is sad or bored. “However, if we are not talking about the period of abstinence internally … After recent surgery, because cholesterol and all that I have to be careful. But be that as it may, I will not die. Not now. When I still have the energy” – says the actor.

According to his confession, he always keeps himself under control. “ But I never get drunk as a lord , – I just buhoy slightly. Then enough to take a nap for ten minutes, and voila! A breath of pink – and I’m as fresh as a daisy,” – said Depardieu.

Let us recall, actor received Russian citizenship in January 2013. . Global Star is registered in the city of Saransk – capital of the Republic of Mordovia. Depardieu did not experience that residence in the cities of federal significance he does not – the job offer he received regularly. A resident of Saransk has produced a series of exclusive watches “Proud to be Russian,” and announced plans to open a restaurant in Moscow with the modest name “Gerard”.

In addition, in the nearest future French prime minister of the Russian comedy “Sex, coffee, cigarettes “. Not so long ago, in July 2014, came a resonant film “Welcome to New York” based on authentic histories about the failed French President Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The film has a piquant scene completely naked actor, which caused a flurry of conflicting emotions. Critics agreed on the opinion that the tape as a whole is good, but not quite nude Depardieu could do.


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