Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In Moscow, opened the festival of Chinese cinema – Russian newspaper

The festival, held annually, was opened at the cinema “Illusion” painting “Ballet in the flames of war” directed by Dong Yachshun. The plot revolves around the painting – event in China during World War II. The action takes place on the eve of Victory Day, the 45th winter in a small town, occupied by the Japanese, where he lives a Russian woman Lyuba (Natalia Surkov) that teaches ballet 19-year-old Chinese girl E Er.

Guests Chinese delegation met in folk costumes and music, and the opening ceremony looked and Nikita Mikhalkov, who participated in the creation of “Ballet in the flames of war”.

“My role in making the film a modest, – said the director. – part of my job with Russian actors. I agreed to this project because of the experience of 20 years ago. Then I shot a picture “Urga: Territory of Love”. China has become for me an incredible discovery – it’s a great country. The culture, invented gunpowder, ink, paper can not disappear. China vdolguyu lives, and so the future of China’s great: they trampled his past “.

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According to Mikhalkov, the secret of success of Chinese cinema in the international arena in recent years – a combination of advanced technology and distinctive inner world that the Chinese do not try to “adjust for the average European Everyman. ” “A truly international could be that truly national”, – said Mikhalkov.

The opening was also attended by Russian actors, the performers in “Ballet” – Natalia Surkov and Yegor counterfoils and military Alexandrov Choir, who performed “Darkie” and Chinese folk song in Chinese.

The film directed by Dong-opening Yachshun thanked the Russian side for the hospitality and said that his film, he has devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Victory over fascism. He said that the film was mounted to the last moment, and the work did not end immediately prior to the festival. The director stressed the merits of Russian actors, admired their “spiritual attitude” and noted that collaboration was given particularly easy also because “they liked Chinese food”.

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Total delegation from China will present eight films at the festival, created in 2014-2015 including “Wolf Totem”, “blind massage”, “Brotherhood of the blades”, “elusive” and others. Organizers note that the paintings – representatives of a wide range of genres, from social drama to the tale, and taken in a different way.

The Festival of Chinese Cinema in Russia conducted within the framework of international cultural cooperation, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia and cooperation with State Administration of Press, Publishing, Film, Radio and Television of China.

The grand opening of the festival will be held in Kaliningrad on May 22 at the cinema “Dawn”. It will be shown at the opening of the film “Zhong Kui: The Snow Queen and The Dark Crystal.” Festival in Kaliningrad will last until May 28 and in Moscow – the third in June.

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