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In rolling out the movie Renata Davletyarova “Once” – Russian newspaper

In the past month Davletyarova second premiere: the end of April there was a new film version of “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”, and now – a film about the Soviet teenagers ” Once, “based on the novel by Yuri Korotkov, who was a writer at Davletyarova in” Zori “.

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to film quickly, but the viewer was three years. Working title – “Boys”, and in wide release tape goes under the mysterious label “Once.” The name of the film, however, is quite adequate to its content – once something has happened, but what exactly – then you will not tell me.

That is, at first glance, everything is clear. This is a story of first love. And a swing for the ancient tragedy – Leshkin brother to his death on a motorcycle, and now Leszek fell in love with ex-girlfriend’s brother. With the win – the passion, or the debt?

The theme of love is inscribed in the history of Soviet growing three teenagers. There is a 72 th year, is preparing to meet the provincial town of the anniversary of the October Revolution. Meanwhile, the girls wear miniskirts and guys – bell-bottomed trousers, listening to “The Beatles”, well, in general, young people live their lives. From time to time there are discos “settlement” – the harsh working guys with a wrench, which is haunted by the thought that somewhere in the neighborhood walking around in trousers flared. These are accompanied by the emergence of massive street fighting, visually reminiscent of street battles in “Gangs of New York” Scorsese.
 In this sense, “Once” is involuntarily associated with the “dudes”, especially as scripts for both films to write short – but these similarities are purely formal. The “dudes” describes an aesthetic system protest, rebellion and brightest young against the old gray officialdom, here – it’s just part of the landscape, and the narrative itself is the era of the 70′s hardly played at least some role. With the same success this carefully constructed image of Brezhnev’s times could be replaced with modern realities.

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“One” begins as a “dudes”, then turns into a teen comedy on the background of stagnant times (and very witty, we have to admit – perhaps the most successful is the “subsistence” film), acquires features mystical drama, with flights to the starry sky on a motorcycle killed a brother and another phenomenon, which brought down the train, then turns into “Gangs of New York”, and ends with a textbook farewell at the station, a woman, catching up on the platform train.

The film with strong and persuasive individual fragments still does not add up to a coherent story. One gets the feeling that something important has not been said, and things of secondary importance, in contrast, paid too much attention. What teen comedy here too gloomy story, but for the true heroes of the drama is too lightweight. It is not enough certainty title picture, so this is not enough certainty and the film itself.

But the film is not without charm, stylishly filmed, besides nostalgia for the Soviet Union as strong as ever in the community, and this is sure to attract the nostalgic wave additional audience.

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