Sunday, May 24, 2015

In St. Petersburg, on the birthday of Brodsky’s “opened the” museum of his apartment –

Now the museum is in the former apartment of the poet in the House Muruzi on the Foundry prospectus consists of fifteen rooms, where Brodsky lived with his parents, a communal kitchen and rooms former neighbors.

The kitchen built installation reminiscent of the trial of Brodsky, who was accused of parasitism. Sounds a dramatization based on the transcript of the court. In other rooms ?? voice recording of the poet reading his poems.

Jacob Gordin , a writer, a friend of Joseph Brodsky: “Michael Isayevich Milchik photographed his room, as we know, to the centimeter. And we have figured out what to do next. And it survived. That would be possible only because in fact 90% of what it was in the room of Joseph, when he came out of it, preserved ».

Apartment Museum Brodsky in St. Petersburg at the same time can accommodate up to 7 ?? 10 visitors. So for fans of the poet, waiting for their turn in the street, prepared a special program. And in the neighboring area of ​​the Transfiguration today show movies about Brodsky.


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