Monday, May 18, 2015

“Mad Max”, the trade union and jogging concert Saksaevoy Marina – where to go this week – News of the Altai Mountains

 Movies” with one hand “and” Mad Max: Fury Road “concert Marina Saksaevoy and teams of Ust-Kan district performance “Aladdin’s Magic Lamp”, the Day of Slavic Literature and student jogging – the events of the coming week in a special review of the “News of the Altai Mountains».

In “Planet Cinema” until Wednesday, May 20, go to the comedy “One Left” (11:20 sessions and 15:20) and the action adventure “Mad Max: Fury Road” (9:00, 13:00, 17:05, 19:25 and 21:45).
The trilogy of “Mad Max” with Mel Gibson in the title role was released in the 70s-80s of the last century and was a huge success worldwide. After that, a little-known movie actor became a star of the first magnitude, and post-apocalyptic universe of Mad Max got hundreds of thousands of loyal fans.
After 35 years the director of the trilogy George Miller has decided to withdraw the continuation of his super popular movie. In the world of post-apocalyptic future road warriors – Max again fighting with the cruel and ruthless warriors wasteland, but the film was shot using the latest computer technology, so many scenes as respond grateful audience, its breathtaking grandeur. This time Max played Tom Hardy («Home», «Warrior,” “The Dark Knight Rises”). Company he was Charlize Theron , embodied the image of the warrior Furioso.
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 Mad Max: Fury Road

May 20 (Wednesday)
Trade union organization of students and graduate students of Gorno-Altaisk State University holds the traditional event “Run with me, Altai!”, in which is made jogging through the streets of the city from the stop “CUM” to the main building of the university. The first 50 participants who came – the members of the All-Russian trade union of education and science – on presentation of the ticket will be donated to the trade union T-shirt with the symbols of the event.
Such runs are carried out for the seventh time, took part in them from 50 to 215 people.
The event starts at 18:00.

 Run with me, Altai!

May 22 (Friday)
At 12:00 at the National Drama Theatre will be showing the musical fairy tale “The Magic lamp of Aladdin” on the play Dmitry Krasnov . Director: Honored Artist of the Republic of Altai Vitaly Perchik . This tale tells the story of Aladdin and romantic love Budur for which the youth is ready to come to grips with the treacherous and greedy vizier.

 Magic Lamp of Aladdin

In addition, on the same day at the National Drama Theatre will host a concert of creative collectives of Ust-Kan region “Flowers valley Kan” and will open the exhibition “Talents Kan Valley.” Opening of the exhibition – at 17:00, the concert will begin at 18:00.

 Flowers, Kan Valley

23 May (Saturday)
In the Gorno-Altaisk will be a concert of Honored Artist of the Republic of Altai Marina Saksaevoy . Guests of the program – Edward Sogonokov , Elena Tahtaeva , Sârghe Sadrasheva and choreographic ensemble “Altyn-Kul».
The concert starts at 18: 00, the venue – the National Drama Theatre.

 a concert of Honored Artist of the Republic of Altai Marina Saksaevoy

May 24 (Sunday )
At 11:00 in the central square of Gorno-Altaisk start events dedicated to the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture. It is a day of memory of Saints brothers Cyril and Methodius, who in the IX century created the Slavic alphabet. Typically, the celebration begins with a procession and ends with a festive concert, which is attended by popular creative teams of the city.


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