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“Medea” directed by Cherubini Alexander Titel drawn to opera performance of the season – Vedomosti

This is a performance in which one good solution is reflected in the other. For example, the choice of the name and the choice of the actress. The choice of the actress and choice of action. Selecting the scene and stage solution. Random no place here.

«Medea” Cherubini on the Russian stage rarity (historians commemorated by a statement of Samara in 1980-ies.). Musical Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko chose the Italian edition, which has developed only in the early twentieth century. French original of 1797 was supplemented by German recitatives (composer Franz Lachner) in 1855 and translated into Italian in 1909. In such an embodiment, the classic style Cherubini is sometimes compromised later style Lachner, but mostly integrity respected – it does not harm even a single liberty, admitted directors: introduction to the opera performed girl Sportwoman accompaniment scenic gang consisting of piano, clarinet and military drum with a plate.

Entourage, giving credit to the 1930s., We do not mind in the least – we have not seen “Medea” on stage and do not have stereotypes of how it should look. But we heard it on a CD – the title role model performer was Maria Callas. Not every actress of our theater there, which could put her in comparison, but on the Big Dmitrovka this actress is. Directed by Alexander Titel said Hibla Gerzmava into force of blood must understand what Colchis. Party Medea ideally placed for the current vocal role Gerzmava transferred by lyric-coloratura parties dramatic. The voice sounds Gerzmava free, sensual, not tense. It does not force, having a margin of sonority, she is not afraid of high notes, that never go out sharp, it is still good in the cantilena and recitation.


In 2010, Hibla Gerzmava was awarded the “Golden Mask” for the performance of the party in the title Donizetti’s opera “Lucia di Lammermoor” – performances of musical theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko

Her Medea – a surprisingly full-blooded woman. All the world is not worth her little finger – so grief Jason, betrayed her love, grief Glaucus upright, trying to become her happy rival, grief and region. Children of Medea and Jason appear on stage only twice in the past three acts. They run across the stage, playing in the first act. At the end of the second lead to the mother, has already made a terrible plan – a mother hugs them with sincere joy and warmth. Medea – a wonderful loving mother, but in a pocket of her dress is the gun.

Sometimes Hibla Gerzmava recalls Anna Magnani in the films of neorealism – so it stands firmly on the ground, as a dispute in the pelvis brushing corn so easy for a couple with a friend pyatidesyatikilogrammovy drags a sack of potatoes. And sometimes it seems that we are seeing Nona Mordjukova in the movie “The Commissioner” – the woman-mother era of the great revolution. At the time, he and Jason, probably sent to the consumption of a lot of hares and Petlura, and even peaceful peasants. Such a woman would not feel sorry – no traitor husband nor his chosen one, neither children nor myself.

The premiere of the composition “Medea” can not be called perfectly flat. In comparison with the Gerzmava pulls young Xenia Dudnikova as her co-worker (in the libretto – maid) Neris. It is the second most important role in the opera – loyal, passionate soul, and for good reason, she was awarded a beautiful aria: Dudnikova voice sounds too freely and strongly.

Tenor Najmiddin Mavlyanova just this type that suits Jason Party – with a touch of the heroic – but it sounds more difficult. It is not easy bass Felix Kudryavtsev was given the role of Creon with her expression and range. They are very cute soprano sounded Darya Terekhova as Hlávka and even coloratura aria at the end she turned. Was flawless chorus, whose task was to report on the sometimes tragic events from behind the scenes, Felix Korobov led the orchestra and vocal forces collected and clearly.

The action of “Medea” is happening on the beach – and the artist Vladimir Arefiev invented expressive motive of his clearance. Shaped blocks called tetrapods, reminiscent both of eternity – they look like fossilized prehistoric animals – and the imminent war. It seems to be intended for peaceful purposes – something like breakwaters – they resemble fighting to strengthen, some sea urchins, protect against invasion from the sea. Medea they are native element, it can be hidden between them, while all the rest of them helpless stray. Made of special materials, tetrapods impressive weight – it seems that they are made of heavy concrete.

And only at the end, where they fall like a punishment battles Jason, we understand that they are light and soft. It’s only theater. Children run out bowing to live.


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