Thursday, May 21, 2015

Movie of the week: “Once” –

Jan Gulyaev

The nostalgic comedy about first love.

Leszek (Yuri Deinekin) – Soviet ordinary teenager who grew up in working-class district of the provincial town. Leszek in love with a bold Tanya (Daria Melnikova), twisting affair with a woman from a neighboring district. All anything, but here’s the older brother of the protagonist occurred to start a war against street children is not from our yard. Culprit yard campaigns, the routine long tradition, it is the first love.

In the Russian rolling out comedy Renata Davletyarova – the movie “Once.” Out tape was originally planned in the autumn of last year, but the prime minister decided to move at the end of spring. In fact, in the “Once” has a mission to adequately complete the Russian film distribution year. Summer is prime important in the domestic film not bring, and interesting new products are expected only in the fall.

The film “Once” – watch the trailer:


year – 2015

Location Russian

Director – Renat Davletyarov

Actors – Yury Deinekin Daria Melnikova Nikita Kalinin, Alexander Melnikov

Category – Comedy

Premiere in Russia – 21 May 2015

Age – 16 +

Time – 100 minutes

The film” Once “continues to clearly formulate Russia in film nostalgic line of the Brezhnev era. The action in the film takes place in the most dear to the heart of the country 1970. The older generation of viewers certainly will appeal to carefully recreate the world of Soviet life and the soundtrack, composed primarily of hits of those years.

The young audience attracted by the names of the actors gaining popularity, too, will not be disappointed. The film “Once” put Renat Davletyarova, a master of genre cinema, created by the scheme of the American “iron scenario”. This means that the rapid course of action will not get bored without exception categories of viewers. Successful adaptation of Davletyarova “The Dawns Here Are Quiet …” there is no doubt that the “One” – a good option for going to the movies in the upcoming weekend.

Fans of Hollywood production can look at this week’s fantastic new movie with George Clooney – “Land of the Future”, which tells of the adventures of futuristic time a young girl. The film “Once” offers the opposite vector.

Looking to the past is not worth condemning. More than half of today’s good films at the Cannes Film Festival, one way or another touches of previous eras. In this sense, the director Renat Davletyarov, oddly enough, is in step with the times. After all, any new – it’s always well-forgotten old.

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