Monday, May 18, 2015

Polina Gagarina: I do not call love Conchita, I beg not to judge! – TVNZ

In the evening before the first semi-final in the Paulina shared his Instagrame video Conchita Wurst.

«Conchita herself came after rehearsal and said a huge number of compliments … Beautiful, amazing … – she said at the end! Nice! Cool ».

But subscribers in social networks began to insult the bearded woman that upset the singer.

« Why so bitterly? It’s just a stage persona, and it works! It serves excellent and very intelligent! I urge all to follow the words! ».

But the people did not let up. So Pauline wrote a separate post, providing it with a touching family photos in which Gagarin gently kisses her husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov.

«This post I hope to answer all of the previous comments are incredibly angry … I am very upset and did not I am expecting that much intolerance and hatred in others lives! I do not call to love Conchita, I do not call LOVE transsexuals, etc.! I beg not to judge and not be judged! I beg to select vocabulary under my photos and videos .. If you want to enclose your children from anything on TV and Internete- you need to go to the mountains and raise a family in the dark! I have a son, he was 7 years old, he went to kindergarten for children who have difficulty seeing or not seeing just because it was close to domom- and know he would never point the finger is now on the disabled person, or without eyes! Children can and should talk about everything! They are much smarter than us, and sometimes wiser! I have a husband, I have a family favorite! And all around us there are very talented people and they often homosexuals! And it could never change my kindness to him, t. To. I’m for human communication and love! »


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