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Student Prize at Cannes went to Russian film, shot in Kyrgyzstan – Moskovsky Komsomolets

The winner of the contest “Cinéfondation” Maria Guskova, “Permission to conduct surveys in the jail we received during the year»

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On Sunday, finished 68th Cannes Film Festival. And on Friday named the winners in the contest “Cinéfondation”, which involved student work. Among the winners was also a graduate of the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and directors Maria Guskova. She received the third prize, share it with Spanish painting “Victor XX».

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Maria Guskova Denis Guskov (right) and producer Renat Muslimov in Cannes. Photo courtesy of “Rosskino”.

Attached to the award and a cash consideration of 7,500 euros. But American director Pippa Bianco 11-minute film “Action” has got 15 thousand euros. And most importantly – the right to display the feature film debut at the Cannes Film Festival, which she failed. In 2012, the competition “Cinéfondation” won the film graduate of VGIK Taisiya Igumentseva “Road to …”. Then Taisia ​​participated in the Cannes Film Festival with his debut film “Give to the end.” The second place in this year and 11 250 euros went to Chilean film “Lost King».

The jury of the contest “Cinéfondation” led by Abderrahmane Sissako Mauritanian director. More recently, he lived in France, and then returned home. A year ago, Abderrahmane was a member of the jury of the Moscow International Film Festival. He returned to Russia after 20-year absence. In Moscow, he studied in the studio of VGIK film director Marlen Khutsiyev. In our interview, he told how he would be expelled from the Institute of Cinematography and that after six years in the institute. He defended his time among other screenwriter and director Irakli Kvirikadze with which they were familiar. Just Abderrahmane he liked. And now Kvirikadze pupil at the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and directors Maria Guskova received an award from Sissakko.

Abderrahmane said: “Do not make the school one of us artists, but it allows you to feel more confident. You can not teach a person to be a good director. ” By the way, his diploma film “The Game” was in the “Week of criticism” at the Cannes Film Festival in 1991. As it is an attempt to combine the contributions of the institute – is unclear. Although Taisiya Igumentseva, she went on a short film festival, angered by their teachers, and do not agree with her highly praised by the jury headed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne.

The jury this year included the addition Sissako four other members of the jury, including the famous Polish actor Daniel Olbrychski. As it is a good idea Sissako says in Russian. But to hear the Russian language in the 28-minute film “The Return Erkin” Maria Guskova they did not have. The film is based on the Kyrgyz and Uzbek languages ​​and shown with English and French subtitles.

to shoot a picture on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. In general, Maria Guskova like Andrei Konchalovsky and Larissa Shepitko began his career in cinema in Kyrgyzstan. Maria says: “At first wary of us, because we are not the citizens of Kyrgyzstan. And then welcomed us: “Oh! Cinema came! “. In Kyrgyzstan, the film crew has followed the prototype picture. He is serving his sentence in a prison in the south of Kyrgyzstan near the city of Osh. And I learned about this man Maria Guskova from his friend. That his father was in prison in those regions. The film stars non-professional actors. The work lasted for three years, had to once again go to Kyrgyzstan to re-shoot three scenes. Many had a hard time. There was no money for production, filmed at his own expense. And a similar story can tell virtually any our student. Almost a year in Kyrgyzstan received permission to conduct surveys in prison. Mary helped her husband Denis Guskov, who took upon himself not only the function of producer, but standing behind the camera. By the way, he took great Kyrgyzstan, caught the spirit of the land.

On the day when they showed the film “Return Erkin”, the program as a whole was very strong, what can not always boast even the Cannes Film Festival. Film Maria Guskova also professionally done. Still Higher Courses keep the brand, can not be said about some of our film school recently. Strong basic education “Return Erkin” feel.

The hero of the film is released from prison and must somehow start a new life. He works in the processing of cotton, and it shows wonderfully beautiful, but not beautiful. Generally, Maria Guskova removed concise, not ladies cinema. Such a classification introduced Larisa Shepitko. She said that the movie is male and female. The very men took off. And Maria Guskova too. All very sparingly. Non-professional actors are organic, no amateur in the frame is not, and it is a merit of director.

Erkin goes to the family of the man he for some reason, killed, without being a murderer in spirit. And get the full monty. It is, in general, no one needs. Colorful turned wedding scene, when the background newlyweds Erkin performs a dance and even receives a reward. The story itself is not so original, but transmits good for life, it has texture, it cinematic charged. The ability to think cinematic image is not given to all directors.

In the competition “Cinéfondation” also showed the painting “Fourteen steps»

Maxima Shavkina – a graduate of the Moscow School of New Cinema. By the way, a fellow student of Maria Guskova Higher Courses Evgeny Biala also took part in the competition “Cinéfondation” in 2013 with the film “Norma life».


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