Monday, May 25, 2015

The Foreign Ministry potrollit “peaceful” Russian song for Eurovision 2015 (video) – Details

The peace message and meaning of the song A Million Voices, which the Russian participant Polina Gagarina performed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, is fundamentally contrary to the aggressive policy of the Kremlin.

It is stressed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published on the official website Facebook in the corresponding video from YouTube.

“We – the children of this world .. praying for peace and healing, I hope we can start again,” – sang representative of Russia at the European competition.

“At the time, as Gagarin sings about the world, Russia continues to support terrorism in Ukraine”, – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

An alternative video vividly demonstrates what “the world” supported the Kremlin.

It is noteworthy that the video was uploaded on YouTube in March, but views it began to grow after the Eurovision Song Contest.

Recall that Gagarin became the second at Eurovision-2015. However, there was a scandal in the press rooms around the singer and dresses, like Jennifer Lopez.


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