Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Who lives in a mansion – BBC

First Channel began airing the series Andrew Eshpaja “adult daughters” in which unlucky father and husband to his own example shows how dangerous it is to want a lot of money, and dream of your own home.

1997. A police captain, a former Afghan Alexey Kolganov (Igor Gordin) tries to serve the people and the fight against crime, but every day to do it becomes harder and harder. His large family – his wife Albina (Julia Peresild) and six daughters – crammed into a small apartment in a hut with no hope of improvement in housing conditions: even preferential line moves slowly offensively and money on their own, “Mansion” is not there. The authorities in plain text offers to join unclean for promising increase and golden mountains, but Kolganov finds its own path to wealth.

At the suggestion of his friend Dmitry Army (Sergei Yushkevich), he ambushed the jeep shooting of a businessman and had to figure out where to spend the promised money for it.

But the moment the attempt proved to be filmed on new-fangled video surveillance system, and record clearly see who was shooting. Dmitry advises another run to take trouble from family and Kolganov disappears for long 18 years.

The first channel starts showing serial movie “grown-up daughters.” He took off his director Andrei Eshpay (series “Kuprin. In the darkness,” “Children of the Arbat”, the movie “The State Counselor”), and write music, he invited his father – the famous composer Andrew Eshpaja senior.

The name of the series does not correspond to the content of the first two series.

Their story is more like once all criminal militants’ 90s, in are veterans of the Afghan war skillfully handle weapons and use it for a half hour of screen time reality brought into line with his own ideas about the ideal world order.

The similarity apparent – and not because the protagonist of “adult daughters” change themselves and their moral principles and for the sake of money agrees to commit murder for hire.

For those Afghans militants also not burden themselves with complicated legal procedures, but the audience, as a rule, and it was not clear on which side the truth. In the end, Danila Bagrov from Balabanovo “brother” (he, however, a veteran of the first Chechen) is not quite law-abiding, but his sympathy for the victims somehow did not cause.

But in the “grown-up daughters,” all very different. Captain Kolganov – not Superman, despite Afghanistan. Whether forgotten skills as unnecessary for many years in the police, or something else – the authors show that the issue is not clear. And in fact failed operation to remove his victim, he is not armed to the teeth and is not going to chop enemies in batches, and cowardly runs properly with no one saying goodbye to anyone without explanation. Again, it is not clear why you need such a hasty flight – whether it is by concern for the family, or from the banal fear for their lives.

Because of the vagueness empathize with the former captain of the militia does not work.

He has committed a crime, he killed a man (perhaps even deserve such participation), and it is impossible to justify his act of dreams daughters’ attics. ” In fact, he left his family and left her in a very difficult situation. Of course, they will understand – the show is not just got its name, the only question is the price that they will pay for it.

Actually “adult daughters” creators promise further, when the main character, having spent many years abroad in hard work, return to the family.

The Homeric Odyssey, completing his journey full of dangers, brought to his home for his decision to the accumulated long-term absence of problems. In the series Eshpaja story “Odyssey” is changed, and, judging by the announcements, not for the better. Nothing wrong with the rest of the home Kolganova not happen, and the long journey back from the head of the family will bring with it new challenges. To overcome them have family reunion as is customary in Russia, – the whole world.

The director described the series as the story of “the invisible bond that exists between close friends,” but “adult daughter” more like a warning, that money is not important in life, and one wrong decision can lead to deadly consequences. In addition, the show once again tries on the tooth with the old dilemma of choosing between pie in the sky and a bird in the hand, but to give a sensible answer if fears. On the one hand, chickadee – something homely and always want more, with another – the cranes are different, and not all of them bring happiness.


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