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Benedict Cumberbatch London won his Hamlet – critics contend (Photo) – Commander

in London’s Barbican was the premiere of “Hamlet” with Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of the Danish prince: the critics appreciated the return of Sherlock on stage as “unparalleled” and staging them did not like.

The audience reacted with enthusiasm to his role as Hamlet, Benedict Cumberbatch. Reaction theater critics at the premiere in London’s cultural center “Barbican” was more restrained and mixed. Mark Gatiss, Cumberbatch starred in the television series to “Sherlock”, believes that his Hamlet was “brilliant».

«I always knew he was a talented actor. We are all very proud of him, he amazed us, “- said the performer of Mycroft Holmes in an interview with BBC BBC.

 Shakespeare’s” Hamlet “, which premiered at London’s Barbican Theatre Tuesday evening, August 25 began six years ago with the general excitement, which caused the appointment of the Executive the title role. Benedict Cumberbatch, who previously played a lot on stage, and in recent years has become famous for his work on television in the series “Sherlock” and other films, he returned to the theater.

Tickets for “Hamlet,” which began sell last summer, it was sold out in record time – and at once all representations, until 31 October. And then began a year of waiting, fueled by the nomination Cumberbatch for “Oscar”, the rumors about his new roles in the movie, the message about the next season of “Sherlock».

Hamlet T-shirt

«Hamlet” directed by Lindsay Turner broke the record for the speed of ticket sales in the history of British theater.
Cumberbatch will appear on stage in different costumes today – in military uniform, in a T-shirt with David Bowie, then in a jacket with a hood.

The play opens with a scene in which Cumberbatch listens to an old gramophone Nature Boy Nat King Cole.
Claudius in the play plays Kieran Hinds, Horatio – Leo Bill, the role of Ophelia sang Shang Brooke and Gertrude – Anastasia Hill.

Setting Lindsey Turner has already caused a sensation when previewing it turned out that the famous soliloquy “To be  or not to be” Hamlet says in the very beginning . After this moved monologue in the second act instead of the traditional third.
During preview Cumberbatch asked the audience not to take performance on smartphones, after the red lights camera phone in the hall distracted him.

Theatrical critics Cool took the official premiere of “Hamlet”, played by the star of the series “Sherlock” Benedict Cumberbatch in the London theater “Barbican”. Opinions authoritative critics collected edition of The Guardian.

So, the editor of the cultural department “Bi-bi-si” Will Gompertz calls “Hamlet” Lindsey Turner “good”, criticizing the method of supplying the famous monologue of Shakespeare’s hero – according to Gompertz , Cumberbatch is not thinking out loud and playing for an audience. According to the critic The New York Times Ben Brantley, the whole performance the actor waits for monologues, and the rest of the text suffers “His Hamlet is not associated with anyone else on stage. In the great dialogue Cumberbatch seeks galloping ride through Shakespeare’s text as if keeps internal forces for monologue ».

According to The Daily Mail columnist Quentin Letts, while Cumberbatch – all that is best in the show. Agrees with him and critic Michael Billington, The Guardian, who called the idea of ​​a director Turner “half-roasted».

Most of the critics call the game Cumberbatch quality, but recognize that it will not touch them. Perhaps the cause is increased hype surrounding the show, created by fans of the actor, who is also with regret observers.

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