Thursday, August 27, 2015

“Cossacks of St. Petersburg,” admitted the destruction of the bas-relief of Mephistopheles – Russian newspaper

The organization “Cossacks of St. Petersburg” has claimed responsibility for the destruction of the bas-relief on the facade of Mephistopheles Lishnevskogo apartment house in the Petrograd district, reports Tass. Previously, “Cossacks” declared their involvement in the shares of the museum of Nabokov, failure of performance “Lolita” Leonid Brain and similar events.

Recall relief skololi August 26.

– Witnesses in amazement and watched in horror as the roof of the tympanum of the pediment leaned worker with a sledgehammer. This hammer, he began to bang on the famous sculpture of Mephistopheles, decorated the pediment since the construction of the house – 1910. Just a few moments – and the massive sculpture was chipped with a crash fell on the ground, – wrote on his page on the social network deputy Alexander Kobrin.

The news of the destruction of the bas-relief spread through the internet and came to the Smolny.

– The element molded composition of a three-part window – relief depicting folk anthropomorphic creatures with bat wings – is related to the subject of the protection of sites of high historical value – according to the website of the city administration. – KGIOP act gave the fact of loss and sent to the Russian Interior Ministry in the Petrograd district application to conduct a review and make a decision in accordance with Articles 144 and 145 of the Code.

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Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s office of the Petrograd district opened a criminal case under part 1 of Article 243 of the Criminal Code -” Destruction or damage to objects of cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments) of the Russian Federation, included in the state register of cultural heritage. ” And the St. Petersburg Ombudsman Alexander Shishlov called the deliberate collapse of the sculpture “a provocation, a challenge to all indifferent to the culture and history of our city people,” the press service of the Ombudsman in the northern capital.

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Architect “Houses with Mephistopheles” Lishnevsky Alexander was born in 1868 in Kherson. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, from 1901 he worked in St. Petersburg. It is considered a master of Art Nouveau and neoclassical. at the beginning of the XX century it became one of the creators of the new image of the city on the Neva, fashion designing buildings at the intersection of Art Nouveau and neoclassical. His most famous buildings – on the Five Corners (between Zagorodny Avenue and the street Rubinstein) and on the corner of Garden and the Ascension. But to usual profitable home Lishnevsky approached creatively. “House Mefistotelem” on the Petrograd side is marked in many tourist guides: on the tympanum of a six-story apartment building until recently flaunted ironic demon with bat wings.

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