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Danelia: No serious film, I never took off – Russian newspaper

Directed by Danelia took fifteen films – and we know them almost by heart. He wrote three autobiographical books (the latest, “Cat went away and left a smile,” came out recently) – and they quickly went on the quote. Our call on the eve of the anniversary (August 25 he turns 85) found George N. home. The conversation was – about heroes, about the fate and circumstances.

George N., all your films – about the culture of our favorite “small”, ordinary people. They are particularly interesting to you?

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Danelia: And what an extraordinary person? In the first picture (“Serge”), director of the farm Korostelev – it is normal? Pilot Mizandari of “Mimino” Buzykin translator of “Autumn Marathon” – ordinary people? Another thing is that every one of my hero is unusual not in the sense of position on the social ladder, but as a person, individuality, each with their own aspirations. One wanted in the Big Sky, the other cared for the girl and his wife hid the third stepson loved like a son …

People are different – and it turned out that the movie came out and different about our different life.

Danelia: You know, I have not had such thoughts when I started – but not remove any me about all aspects of life, my environment? I have 60 years in the movie, and I always wanted one thing – that all my films were different. Here we have removed Talankin “Sergei” – the film was a worldwide success, won prizes at festivals – and we all suffered script about children. Released “The Path to the pier,” the bosun about Wolverine – and rebound from the script did not become pro sailors and airmen, after “Walking the Streets of Moscow” – from lyrical scenarios. But my films, pay attention, do not resemble each other completely – for no heroes, nor in style, nor in the events reflected in them. Far as heaven and earth from one another.

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are close only to those that come to each success, each has developed its own cult

Danelia: I Fortunately, quickly realized that if I shoot, counting on success – nothing at all ever wanted. It is necessary to remove what most like and then what will not be ashamed. Therefore, every film you make, as the first and sometimes even forget that done before. However, when a long time worked as a director and has written many scripts, do not repeat, do not steal from yourself is very difficult. It seems sometimes like you great invented, and then you remember – this is all already 40 years ago!

The usual characters you constantly get in unusual circumstances – even then, these circumstances are everyday routine . Life, in your opinion – chain of coincidences?

Danelia: This philosophical question of humanity can not be solved for many thousands of years – is there a destiny written for you, or all appear in the course of time? Yes, my heroes and destiny constantly throws up the circumstances and the characters themselves is much to organize them for yourself – and my task is to talk about these people, describe the history of what happened to them. Of course, expressing their attitude to each of them, with all their good and bad habits.

the same as that of all of us …

Danelia: And all these heroes, to put it mildly, weirdo, like all of us – and Athos, and Mimino, and Benjamin of “Do not Cry”. But I’ve always – the attorney of each of them, in my films somehow they come out very cute, and, mind you, never cross the line, after which the person becomes disgusted. Probably because I love them. Spectators start to love them.

Do you sometimes and movies were filmed in the circumstances – purposely not think …

Danelia: Yes, for example, when I was shooting “passport” shoot was impossible, that we have removed it – this is a miracle. At the beginning of filming the USSR to Israel there was no diplomatic relations for the first time we went there Gabriadze almost clandestinely. We have already approved the actors, when it became clear that the film is covered, so as not to spoil relations with the Arab countries … and it turned out that only when the “passport” was released – it officially became possible to shoot!

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And before that you do not pay attention to the political realities around?

Danelia: You know, I shot under Khrushchev, under Brezhnev and Chernenko and Andropov, Yeltsin, Putin – could not all the time to change its position, focusing on the current policy. Self-censorship, of course, has always existed. We did not remove anything that might be considered hostile and could not take off with good intentions, the film – not a novel, it is impossible to write and hide in a box. Directed not at home at work: we have brought the script, it had to approve, launch, give a technique to approve the actors … So when in the 80-90 on the screens released all banned films, we wondered – what these films were “closed”? According to the concept of normal logic there is nothing seditious, anti-Soviet was not.

What would you waited after the episode with the “last breath RV” in the “Kin-dza-dza!” …

Danelia: It was a milestone restructuring – passing the film, we have a very long time, about half a year, waiting to approve the State cinema tape. And with the last breath of the pancreas and I mean what everyone thought. All my life I’ve seen the huge posters, portraits – some Khrushchev, then Stalin, Brezhnev, these last breaths. Fronderskih inclinations I have never been, so we can not say that I dare to say – I just said, most ordinary people were on the planet, and then – just like that. If you, Comrade viewer think that it is similar to the USSR – well, so bad you feel about your country.

All your films are not similar to each other, but all of them spirit – a lyrical comedy …

Danelia: In fact, I have only one “clean” comedy – “Thirty-three.” Yes, I wanted to make, for example, “The Duel” Kuprin for – and did not work, he changed his mind as “Crime and Punishment.” Then even run with the “Hadji Murad”, traveled nature, was already thinking about the actors – but the picture shut.

Once upon a time, I go to Moscow and I hear my name from a passing car. This Yevtushenko – and shouted to me: “Danelia, I looked,” Do not worry! “-” So what? “-” Yes, that’s, I think it’s time you had some serious painting to do! “. And then gone.

But fate decreed that any serious film, I never took off.


From the book Danelia “Cat was gone, and her smile remained”

“When my friend Yevgeny Primakov was appointed director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, an inner voice told me:” Gia! You Primakov friends – a hundred years! Many positions have changed already your friend, and you with any requests to it never applied! The time has come! .. “

I went to his wife and said:

– Jack, I’m going to the festival in Cannes. Give me some job!

– What?

– Well, at least with a flower pot on the windowsill in the hotel on the waterfront or rearrange chewing gum stuck to the bench below the note. Well, your per diem, and incidental expenses: taxi, press the tip. And then in the State cinema just $ 3 a day give.

– Georgy, when we need to move in the hotel pot on the windowsill or gum paste to the bench below a note, we turn to you, – said Primakov. – Only for you and no one else. In the meantime, must train.

He took from a drawer a packet of chewing gum and gave me … “

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