Friday, August 21, 2015

During the farewell Lev Durov on Malaya Bronnaya stop construction work – TVNZ

Farewell Lev Durov, who died August 20, 2015 at the age of 83 years, will be held on Monday, August 24 at the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya. Home – at 10.00. USSR People’s Artist will be buried in the Novodevichy cemetery.

– The theater with his family appealed to the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin – told us his artistic director Sergei Golomazov. – Connect Mikhail Shvydkoi Alexander Kibovsky. Solution Sergey Semenovich took quickly.

– Why farewell was scheduled for Monday, and not on the Sabbath, that is, on the third day after death?

– On Saturday and Sunday at the theater are two the performance on the day. Including children’s morning. Tickets sold in advance. If 800 people will pass or change tickets, it is not a farewell, but a real collapse. Monday in the theater – the day off. It is therefore logical that the civil funeral was scheduled for August 24, so that everyone who wants to say goodbye to the Lion Konstantinovich could do it. Moreover, we have addressed to the mayor of Moscow, to temporarily suspend the memorial service for a few hours of repair work in front of the theater. Malaya Bronnaya, as well as throughout the city center, expanding the sidewalk and do bikeways. Circle – cranes, dump trucks, the dust heap of sand and cement. There is a serious building, through which to us heroically their way viewers. Not to mention the fact that even put the car anywhere. Our appeal was heard and the builders have met.

Four years ago, Lev Durov lost his wife – actress Irina Kirichenko. They lived in perfect harmony in ’53. It would be logical to assume that Lev Konstantinovich buried next to Irina. But the family decided otherwise.

– We have in the family tomb Durovs Babushkinskiy Cemetery – told us the daughter of actor Ekaterina Lvovna. – They buried my mother. The site seems to be great, but our relatives on it already. Free space is not enough. Especially after my mother’s death, it took only 4 years to do it in a new tomb burial prematurely. Father alive his sister – younger and older, who are already 86 years old. It is sad, but it is also impossible to forget.


  Catherine Durov “We believed until the end that the father will get out»

 - First, it was not clear what happened to his father – Catherine told us. – On August 7, he was taken to the 1st City Hospital. He lost consciousness at home. It was cardiac and renal failure. Both – the same bad. Still, there was hope. In recent years, the father was often in a hospital bed. And each time to get out of the nearly hopeless situations (more details).


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