Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ex-Top Gear presenter Clarkson got a new job for $ 15 million a year – REGNUM


London, 28 August 2015, 19:13 – REGNUM Former leading British TV show Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson, who was dismissed from the TV Air Force because of a conflict with the producer, will lead the new motor show. At the new job, Clarkson will be the highest-paid TV presenter in the UK, says Mirror.

According to the contract with the video service Amazon Prime, Clarkson’s salary will be £ 10 million ($ 15 million) a year, the magazine writes, citing its own high-ranking sources in the industry. According to the British newspaper Telegraph, the program will be aired in 2016.

The project budget is $ 250 million, the money will record a series of 36 programs over three years. However, Clarkson show will lead his former colleagues on Top Gear – James by May and Richard Hammond. The name of the TV show was not disclosed. The program will be available to subscribers Amazon Prime for $ 121 a year.

As reported IA REGNUM , the Air Force decided not to renew the contract with Clarkson, despite numerous requests from fans of Top Gear back popular host in show. The reason for this was the scandal on the set of the next issue of Top Gear March 10. Clarkson pounced on a technical producer of Top Gear Oisin Tymon, for the fact that on set there was no hot food. Clarkson repeatedly hit producer and hit him with an insulting curses.

The victim Tymon even had to seek medical help. Later, he said he did not intend to raise against Clarkson charges.

In the end, after an investigation the disciplinary commission television Air Force leadership has decided not to renew the contract with Clarkson. The behavior of the TV presenter and condemned British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Clarkson long been known for his scandalous behavior, and even racist remarks. BBC have had to apologize to the countries and peoples of the reckless statements Clarkson during the show.

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