Friday, August 21, 2015

Fantastic Four and other premiere this week – BBC

reboot “Fantastic Four”, the second part of the horror movie “Sinister” cartoon about animals that have not been put on the ark, and the opening film at the Cannes Film Festival – 2015 – what to see in a movie this week.

«Fantastic Four»

Reboot “Fantastic Four” from the director of an interesting sci-fi movie in the format of “found the film” “Chronicle” Joshua trunks. The new version of the “quartet” starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell. Around the new picture turned serious scandal related to the fact that the ratings of her worse than ever; however, the trunk in his Twitter actually blamed the failure of the film studio Fox, shifting it responsible for final assembly. The actors and producers of the new “quartet”, in turn, said that the trunk man with a difficult character and difficult to work with him. As a result of the scandal, he was dismissed from the position of director of the spin-off of “Star Wars.”


Not too successful continuation of quality horror film “Sinister”. The first part of shooting Scott Derrickson, director of the film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” a little-known second entrusted to the author of the film “Citadel” Kieran Foy. Instead, Ethan Hawke in the same house to continue the investigation of mysterious killings comes the sheriff, played by James Ranson. One of the twins, who live in a dysfunctional home, begins to behave very strange, and it is certainly not just – it was possessed by a terrible demon of the first part of the movie.

«Oops … Noah sailed!”

Two-debutant director and four-producing countries (Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Ireland) are thinking about the animals that are not destined to get on Noah’s ark. Noah included in the list, not all kinds (not surprisingly), and someone will have to apply a trick to get on board, and someone will not get it at all. Comedy cartoon, in which almost no flicker painted faces of the people can be seen in the format of 3D.

«Young Blood»

Before Russia got a movie opening of the Cannes Film Festival – 2015 by director Emmanuel Berko with Catherine Deneuve in one of the main roles. The film tells the story of a difficult teenager Maloney, who always can not control his anger and gets into trouble. He met with the children’s judge Florence, which considers that such children need special, but not violent approach, and give him a second chance: as a result, and Maloney have time to fall in love, and find even more trouble on his head.


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