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“Gogol center” in search of the Director – BBC

Moscow Department of Culture refuses to bail out of a difficult financial situation headed by director Kirill Serebrennikov “Gogol-center».

The head of the Moscow Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky said that his department does not intend to intervene in the financial affairs of the former Theatre. Gogol, who became two years ago, “Gogol center” under the leadership of director Kirill Serebrennikov. Kibovsky said that “Gogol center” – a loss-making institution and the responsibility to fully bear his leadership.

On the financial difficulties the theater Kirill Serebrennikov became known in March 2015, when he was dismissed by the director of “Gogol center” Alex Malobrodsky.

Sources close to the department, said at the time that such a personnel decision due to the state of financial discipline theater. Sources close to the department, claimed that the huge debts to the budget and contracting – is the sum of 80 million rubles. – Arose because the artistic director of the theater did not want to change their plans for staging depending on the state of affairs in the theater. Serebrennikov allegedly demanded by the directorate full funding of all projects, without worrying about the origin of the money.

However, he Alexei Malobrodsky refutes this information. He spoke in an open letter to his successor as director, “it was completed in 2014 with a deficit of 27 million rubles., That during January and February 2015 was reduced to 15.4 million rubles. Consequently, at the beginning of your work were “not closed” a little less than 12 million. ”

The reason for the sorry state of affairs in the “Gogol center” Malobrodsky considers intractability of the Department of Culture of Moscow, which refused to help the institution who has got for objective reasons, in a difficult situation.

The fact is that during the four months the theater was forced to because of the overhaul play performances on leased sites. According Malobrodskogo, “a common practice is to provide a theater for the period of repair of a site, paid the founder.”

Also Malobrodsky denies widespread belief that he and Kirill Serebrennikov had a conflict. In general, says Malobrodsky, “a statement that a personal or industrial dispute anyone with anyone can be the cause of financial difficulties – nonsense.”

After leaving Malobrodskim in March 2015, the Department, headed by Sergei Kapkov then appointed director of the theater Anastasia Blue, very enthusiastically set to work.

However, after five months of Anastasia Golub resigned from the theater. All attempts to find out from her or Serebrennikov reasons for such drastic action were unsuccessful.

The work of Anastasia Blue Serebrennikov estimates high, since it has managed to reduce the planned budget deficit. “There was repaid current payables, reduced costs, increased ticket sales for a number of performances added to the number of seats in the auditorium, increased ticket prices on some performances, the theater’s repertoire had been drawn up in such a way as to ensure maximum utilization of the scene”, – said Kirill Serebrennikov .

About the dismissal Serebrenikov Golub wrote on his village in Facebook: «I will refrain from commenting. I can only say that from the Department of Culture I got the paper on which they appoint me director of the theater instead. That’s what I told them: “I refuse to fulfill you with me acting director of the theater, because, to be a director, it is necessary to understand the economy and many other issues (and this does not help!). And I do not understand this. Kirill Serebrennikov. July 24, 2015 “.

The department then said that the letter did not come to them.

Currently vacant post of director of the theater. Alexander Kibovsky however, is convinced that “Serebrennikov at the moment is actually acting as director and determines what is good, what is bad.

Our department vicarious liability for the expenses of subordinate institutions can not be held. In March, the theater had a problem with the payment of wages, but then we moved them to the annual funding of the whole, although it is done in the best case, on a quarterly basis, “- said Kibovsky.

Meanwhile, Serebrennikov, apparently still believes that the director has refused to carry out duties. And it is extremely unhappy with the situation.

In particular, the fact that it is not known how the rest of the work on new productions, for example, on the show “Who Lives Well in Russia”, the Prime Minister to be held on September 15 . In the theater, said that in the absence of the Director to organize the production process is very difficult.

It is not clear more distant future of the theater.

In Moscow, there were no cases of bankruptcy of municipal cultural institutions. And what could be another way to solve the problem – is unclear.

It should also be noted that this is the first time that the Department of Culture pointedly removed from the problems of its subordinate organizations.


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