Sunday, August 30, 2015

Grand Prix Festival “Land of Light” got the picture from Turkey – RIA Novosti

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, August 29 – RIA Novosti. The Fifth International Film Festival “Land of Light” ended on Sakhalin Island, the Grand Prix to the film “Mustang” Turkish director Denise Gamze Ergyuven, according to the website of the festival.

This is the first full-length work of director Ergyuven, it appreciated “for the whole statement about the importance of freedom of young women in Asia and the pulsating energy of real life in the movie,” stressed the organizers of the “end of the world”.

Best Director “for his sincere promise and create a coherent story, despite the complexity of the material” is recognized as a picture “Cloth Union” Michael Mestetsky. He also took the prize honorary president of the festival Alla Surikova and the award for Best Actor – awarded its ensemble cast: Basil Boutkevitch, Alexander Pal, Paul Chinarevu and Ivan Yankovsky – “for the courage and the creation of a single unique character, from which they are inseparable.” There was a female role of South Korean actress Lee Sung-Hye for her work in the film “The End of Winter”.

Special Jury Prize “for the naturalness and beauty of the genuine existence in the frame” awarded Gyunes Sensei Doge Doguslu, Elite Ischzhan, Tugbe Sungurulu and Ilayde Akdogan, film actress “Mustang”. Grand Prix of the competition was awarded to the film spectator “Moskvich”, my love! “Directed by Aram Shahbazyan Armenia.


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