Thursday, August 20, 2015

In Moscow, 84, died People’s Artist of the USSR Lev Durov – First Channel

This night has died Lev Durov. He created the stage and the screen images, which appear in the viewer necessarily trust. And it did not go away, thanks to the charm, energy, sense of humor and a great role in any labor. Actor, director, People’s Artist. Lev Konstantinovich was 83 years.

That night he died Lev Durov. He created the stage and the screen images, which appear in the viewer necessarily trust. And it did not go away, thanks to the charm, energy, sense of humor and a great role in any labor. Actor, director, People’s Artist. Lev Konstantinovich was 83 years.

“C age a little wiser and a little silly. On the one hand, they say – oh, old age! Nothing good in old age is not, believe me. Do not believe anyone who says it is a wonderful time. It’s a lie, “- said Lev Durov.

It turned out that this interview Lev Durov was one of his last candid stories about themselves, about the profession to which he devoted all his life, and in Overall the lessons it difficult but, for us, the audience, this brilliant life. After all, since the screen can die only a great master – one expression telling all about life. And live on stage could only actor by vocation.

He called himself Lefortovo punks. Laughing, she described how once to my mother was all of the complainants at his antics. But precisely because of disruptive nature and inner freedom one day he was called into a theatrical studio. And Durov with his head went into a new yet hobby.

“I had a certificate of erotic-sexual. There have been some busts from top to bottom. Not a four, five were not, and with such a certificate where? Only Artists in. Of course, no one believed. I klikuhi were gray, Svejk and artists. The gray-haired actors in applied – everyone was laughing. Nobody believed it. I went immediately! ” – Recalls the actor.

In the difficult time he has not changed his teacher, the director Anatoly Efros, when expelled from the Theatre of Leninsky Komsomol, and together they went to the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. In this scene he was leaving until there were forces.

“It filled him space. And everywhere was very talented its manifestation. He was suddenly leading the most powerful actor, and he sought it for a long time, a lifetime” – says the director, People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Menshov.

“His energy, that is, and live in these films will help people to live, do more and enjoy life,” – said the cameraman Anatoly Mukasey.

“A man with a huge heart, but it does not mean that he was Dobrenky such lёgonky in communication”, – says the director, Honored Artist of Russia Yuli Gusman.

And someone just was not Lev Durov for her acting life! Among the two hundred of his roles – percussion work, the police, the captain of the Musketeers. And, of course, the role of all time – a charming inhabitant of Buttermilk. And, apparently, whoever played Leo K., we have always felt this human warmth and endless optimism. And no matter how long he was in the frame, Durov always been convincing, original and explosive. And he demanded that the directors: all the tricks will be performed only by myself! I did not want anyone to risk his life for his role.

“And burned and jumped out of the train on the run, and jumped on the go – it just did not do! He acted stunt without me in secret, and then director says: I have something to show you. Well, they say, do not shoot. Do not seem bad, I myself do. And he did it all himself. That’s just foolishness. It’s not something that I’m so brave – it’s reckless, “- he said, Lev Durov.

He admitted that among the dozen of his films was particularly fond of the story of Valentin Rasputin “Farewell to Matyora” – about parting with the village, which is destined to become a reservoir. He said how important it is – to keep the memory of their own land.

Friends said that the worst torture for Durov could be only separation from the profession – the inability to go to the audience.

“We must pay tribute to his courage as a stroke, he returned to work, was shot and played. It will of great need, “- says the People’s Artist of Russia Yevgeny Steblov.

” When I then saw it, and was not happy mood, or I was sad when he was very ill, I told him: “Lёvushka, think” Hey! ” And his message of peace, “E-gay!” will remain with us “- said the director, Honored Artist of Russia Yuli Gusman.

He was called and perpetual motion, and a meteor. But the main thing and the same – in recent years – the grandfather. Not because of age. From respect. A “Father” has always lived and worked for wear. In another way, he could not. We laughed to tears at his jokes and acting tales. There were enamored of his charm. And each time looked like in the eyes of a loved one. And his immense soul , joy and wisdom is always enough for all of us.

“What is happiness, no one knows. It’s such a burden, the thing is … I once saw a happy man – a German in Bulgaria, on the beach. He rejoiced in them all. He drank beer and bellow on the whole beach! Hot dogs eaten – at-hu-hu! The Germans dug in the sand, denying that, they say, it’s not ours. When I saw, I think: this is the happiest person. God forbid, be the happiest person. Happiness must be interspersed with adversity. Then harmony, and when the only happiness – this misfortune, “- said Lev Durov.

Farewell Lev Durov on Monday. At 10 am will begin the ceremony in a theater on Malaya Bronnaya, where the actor has served more than a decade. Lev Konstantinovich buried at Novodevichy Cemetery, the resting place of his family members, the famous circus dynasty Durov

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