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In short, the body to the night – Kommersant

In Kaliningrad, the Russian finished third short film festival “short.” The main prize went to a black comedy «Portfolio» Nikita Tamarova about responsible and ambitious professionals in the field of funeral services, the ability to perform the most bizarre wishes of the customer.

In order not devoid of practical use bonus winner of the festival also received the prize “Trip to Hollywood” on television Paramount Channel, comprising tours of the Hollywood studios. The imaginary term, it is not difficult to imagine Nikita Tamarova in Hollywood not just as a tourist, his 15-minute film can also serve as a portfolio, demonstrating a good command of the genre arsenal. And we have in mind not only the cinematic genre conventions and genre office negotiations with its special vocabulary, and genre thug tattoos – so relatives of the restless dead man (Vladimir Levshakov) asked the hero (Maxim Bobkov) rewrite the tattoos on the body of the beloved grandfather and replace the hopeless ” shit happens »more enlightened” miracles happen. ” Or at least the cinematic genre epitaph, which «Portfolio» looks like this: “He fought like the devil, sitting like a king is like a god.” With the same ease filmmaker Tamarov inserts in his film reference to the fairy tale about Snow White and the fragment thriller with martial arts when the hero comes to grips with the deceased grandfather, who had to resurrect after sawing his feet, because at first he did not meet the size of the coffin, and then relatives could not make out his handwriting in the will.

afterlife theme of this festival “short” asked the first film shown in the competition program – “Rooster” Alexei needed, received the prize for the screenplay, although just dramaturgical structure here does not differ particularly sophisticated, but remembered mostly successful dialogue. And thanks to the colorful filing actress Valentina Mazunina, left an indelible impression in the wedding comedy favorite of the Russian people, “Kiss!”, Where she played a femme fatale Gelendzhik Ksjuha in femme leopard tights. At this time, the outstanding characteristic Mazunina artist appears in the role of grieving young widow who sincerely confident that the soul of her dead roommate moved to a rooster. When you try to sign with a feathered Petya in the registry office the heroine meets her almost a mirror image – a nice little cameo Jana Troyan, for its part, adding fire to the dialogue. “If I was dating a guy, and he died, can I marry another? – Yes, even on the same day ».

A student of animation and multimedia VGIK Mikhail Soloshenko in the film” On the threshold of Ilyich “(marked by a diploma with the words” Well done, son of a bitch! ” ) also raises people who, on the one hand, seem to be long gone, but on the other – very much alive. It Vladimir Lenin and Pushkin, whose author is not without surrealism turns into pet – a sort of homeless kittens, haunting the apartment where the young man lived with the old woman’s mother, a little afraid of Lenin too overbearing, demanding his “hide and feed “and prefer the gentle Pushkin. The sun of Russian poetry rather quickly grabs a gun and conquers territory from the leader of the world proletariat, while playing it himself as the director makes the heartbreaking eyes as hypocritical cat from “Shrek.” “On the eve of Lenin”, despite the possibility of some political interpretations, in essence, the same pure art as absurdist “Benches №0458» Ivan Maximov, made in the same hard to describe in words, but fascinating style as his famous “Bolero “. Jury judging that recognized master especially encouraged not required, it granted him a respectful diploma “No Competition” and the award for best animated film awarded young rezhissershe Natalia Chernysheva the rather simple-minded, both sense and visually, the painting “Two friends” of life frogs and worms.

«short» – this is exactly the case when it is not harmful, and reward young authors “in advance”, but on the other hand, rightly said at the ceremony closing one of the jury members, Evgeny Tsyganov, remain without prizes and sometimes even useful – to increase the artistic rage. I would like to wish her more award winners for Best Director Ruslan Bekshenovu and Alexander Amulinu whose brooding art house “Bakhyt” leaked cheerful ranks this year’s laureates. The action of the film takes place, as it is written in the directory “in the forgotten corner of the universe”, and in fact in an empty hangar, which ply the complex trajectory the driver floor cleaning machines and cleaning lady with a shovel. Probably, “Bakhyt” is a kind of laboratory of interest from the point of view of the director’s ability to mount different plans as the two silent men in the empty space closed to the illusion of metaphysical meaning. And in case it occurs, not all authors are insured voiceovers arguments “about where to start brain”, “when the connections between neurons are born what we call thought,” but in general come to the conclusion that “the brain man will always remain the biggest mystery ».

Fortunately, the press, the human brain experiments such as” Bakhyt “Kaliningrad festival is not too encouraging – its main advantages lie not only in the fact that viewing of short films is much less tiring, but in the propensity selectors to pictures with a human face that is interesting and easy to watch, even if it’s not entertaining product. For example, last year’s winning film “Test” Gala Sukhanova of a little daughter alcoholic, which threatens termination of parental rights, is dedicated to teaching the subject is quite sad, but it impresses the tragic anguish and lack the ability to discern a gap in the darkest situations. In the end, the same «Portfolio» with all the playfulness as it playfully intrudes his light-footed into the territory of social drama where strict zakazchitsa warns funeral “rescuer”: “In a country crisis – the work will be a lot».

Lidia Maslova


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