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Oleg Tabakov was 80 years old – Russian newspaper

When famous artists, besides heading the Moscow Art Theatre named AP Chekhov and the theater of his own name, the department acting in a glorified high school, school-studio at the Moscow Art Theatre, theater college for gifted teenagers theater program for graduate of Harvard University, etc. and the like, 80 years old, the congratulations and greetings, no one will feel sorry for epithets. And I’m ready to sign them. “Outstanding,” “great,” “genius” – well, who would doubt. But because today everyone is a winner of popular TV shows, even having a secondary education – is the “star”, which the Council on all issues of modern life, the ban on abortion to the situation in Syria, it will refrain from epithets, not to offend the current hero of the day.

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Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov in importance in the life of Russian theater, contemporary Russian culture occupies the same place system-which once occupied in the nineteenth century, Mikhail Shchepkin, M. Prov Sadovsky, the founding fathers of the Moscow Art Theatre. Tobacco – it’s not just the creator of hundreds of roles on stage, in film, on television and radio. He is not just a successful teacher, discovered the secret craft many young people, a significant number of whom have become true masters.

Tabakov built the creative multi-storey palace, which he dreamed of Stanislavsky and his disciples, to create their own theater system. “School-studio-theater” – the opening of such a triune institutions was a major methodological breakthrough of Russian theatrical art. But never – neither KS Stanislavsky nor EB Vakhtangov nor Vl. Nemirovich-Danchenko not led all levels of this art construction. Guides looked after, gave hints – but were always forced to choose just one thing. Quite often, the interests of the theater and the school are in conflict, the studio sought to creative independence and institutional independence. Tabakov managed to do the impossible.

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You do not have to ask how he had enough for all time. The question is meaningless rhetoric. Enough – and all. Having survived a heart attack 29 years old, he knows the value of life. Price runaway time. He has his own relationship with death, he proved that on the eve of the 80th anniversary of the play K. Bogomolov “Jubilee jeweler”.

The actor has not three hundred (this figure is usually called the young members of the indigenous mhatovtsy), and three hundred thousand masterly exhaust stamps, capable of operating in any theater system with any directors and partners – he remains faithful to the great mission of the Russian theater, which connects the service to beauty, truth and moral values, traditions of humanism.

He has all known jokes, peculiar theater (just call him barmaid Claudia Ivanovna sovremennikovskogo performance of “Always on sale” on the play by V. Aksenov), and capable of, if there is a need, “pereirodit Herod” (remember the “courtship cry of deer in the forest,” Pavel Petrovich Schebruka from “Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano” Mikhalkov) – but it is most important for the psychological realism that allows to comprehend the human being – in the narrow and broad sense of the word – without any restrictions and bans. He, like his teacher, fearless immersion in secret hidden in the warren ashamed that destroys and recreates all the participants without exception “human comedy”.

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Psychologism Russian theater – is the result of mating stage of searches and discoveries of Russian prose and Russian drama. Art Theatre was established contemporaries Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gorky, Leonid Andreev. And not just by his contemporaries, but people were held in collaboration with the creative genius of Russian literature, strengthen its national greatness and global responsiveness. Its ability to penetrate into the unknown and the unknown to see clearly.

Oleg Pavlovich himself – and as a single creative person and as an integral part of the artistic phenomenon, the theater “Contemporary”, was formed in the firm belief that the theater – art universal. It is no accident, and his teacher, mhatovtsy primarily VO Toporkov, MN Cedars, O. Yefremov led friendship were creatively associated with the best writers, artists and musicians of his time. Throughout his life, he strives not to give them that. Therefore, in his first acting class in my life, which he led in GITIS, since 1976, he met with his students and VS Vysotsky and B. Okudzhava S. and V. Shverubovich and VP Aksenov. Oleg Tabakov was never reckless Frondeur, but he always knew that catharsis in art is always associated with the pain of the tragedy. What is certainly true artist breaks the boundaries of the usual.

Oleg Tabakov was formed as a person and an artist at the right time and right place. Saratovets, still loves to show off his provincialism Volga, it is not just mastered the special warmth of the Moscow theater tradition, it has become an integral feature of his acting, and of human nature.

The words once written in the manifesto Studio young actors born in the depths of the Studio School at the Moscow Art Theater of the USSR in 1955, loyalty to the ideals of the founders of the Moscow Art Theatre, the desire to adopt on stage true “life of the human spirit,” the “here and now” and began his artistic program.

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He was the youngest among the six founders of the studio Young actors, “Contemporary”, which united around Oleg Nikolayevich Yefremov, an outstanding reformer of the Soviet theater business the second half of the twentieth century. She understands the art of his service as a civilian mission as comprehension of the truth of psychological, historical, social life of his people and his country. And there were in this uncompromising. “We – the children of the Twentieth Congress” – that thought Oleg Efremov often repeated his companions. They think in terms of the Soviet myth, opposing totalitarianism of Stalin’s murderous radiant humanism of Lenin. The dream of “socialism with a human face” was the ideological basis of their artistic quest. And, perhaps, they were in no hurry to part with it.

Because the truth for them has been synonymous with the art, the confessional, burning sincerity Oleg Tabakov first roles on the stage of “Contemporary” in the play by Victor Rozov, stunning the audience. Largely thanks to him were born the very phrase “Rozovskii boys.” Boys, come into life at the time of the “thaw”, when a return to the revolutionary ideals of the fathers and grandfathers seemed a breath of freedom, truth and beauty. “Commissars in dusty helmets …” for a generation of Bulat Okudzhava’s not just a figure of speech. This lament for the ideals and ruined lives.

Tabakov in his heart all his life faithful to the human and creative idealism. He knows what ends the collapse of idealism. He talked about it in the “ordinary history”, playing a young Alexander Adueva. It is no coincidence that the dramatization of Ivan Goncharov’s novel for director Galina Volchek made Viktor Rozov – all they knew in which monsters can turn the once starry-eyed boys.

Tabakov outplayed many roles, not only on stage but also in life . I must say that all he managed. I remember in 1973, one of the leaders of theatrical literature of those years Alexander Svobodin brought him to a meeting with the young critics. Oleg Pavlovich remarkably played the role of a successful theater director – he assumed the post in the “Contemporary” in 1970, when the Moscow Art Theater Oleg Yefremov led. And no matter how the destinies, he always looks triumphantly.

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He knows that brilliant clowns forgive that can lead to disaster mortals. And so it gets quiet piece of cardboard with a favorite fruit drink and victuals kulechki with any high-meeting. Maybe even share with others. And this is his serene gaerstve – not only payment but also real freedom. But no matter how he loved worldly clowning, no matter how fancy the surrounding shook his telephone conversations during rehearsals – he knows full well that “the ministry of the Muses not tolerate fuss.” Therefore, when the life is gone, Oleg Yefremov, no one had any doubts as to who should lead the theater.

Oleg Tabakov 15 repeats everything MXT Chekhov remarkably successful commercial enterprise . He does not always have to believe every word, even if the financial indicators confirm his speech. In fact, he tries to keep a great deal of art, which is my whole life. He wants to find a reasonable balance between tradition and audacity searches that can be close to him did not.

He still believes in the mission of the Russian theatrical art, a mission, once formulated by his teachers and suffered themselves. That is why Oleg Tabakov – chosen destiny. Rank is known to many, but few are chosen. Rank is always more than you need.

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