Monday, August 17, 2015

Piotrovsky called Russian museums hold exercises after the pogrom in the Manege – BBC

Once the attacks Orthodox activists at Manezh cultural institutions must conduct exercises for the Protection of exposures, the president of the Union of Russian Museums, Director of the State Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky.

«We offer museums to learn to protect the exhibits on their own, as from November this year, the police stop their physical security. Also, we have begun consultations with lawyers in order to protect against attacks and to clarify the qualifications of criminal acts », – said Piotrovsky in an open letter.

According to Piotrowski, it is now the Union of Museums of Russia starts legal advice on the development of legislative initiatives that provide cultural institutions significant protection against attacks and criminal acts the right qualifications. “We are surprised by the style of the public reaction to events – fuzzy information, inadequate grin, uncertainty and nervousness tone. Our society is sick, “- says the head of the Union of Museums.

August 14, activists of the movement” God’s will “under Dmitry Tsorionova (Enteo) ransacked the exhibition” Sculptures, which we do not see “in Moscow’s Manezh. Arena is going to to seek a criminal case on the fact of the pogrom.


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