Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Police protection will leave from the Hermitage – Russian newspaper

The State Hermitage received a notice that since November, the largest museum of the country will cease to protect the police, according to TASS reported quoting Director General of complex Mikhail Piotrovsky.

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Piotrovsky stressed that in a letter to explain this measure cuts in the Interior Ministry, and added that the fate left without police protection waits and other Russian museums.

“We have received a letter that on November 1, the entire police protection, which have We exist away from the Hermitage – the agency quotes the director of the Hermitage. – There is only a very short list of cultural institutions, where security will not be removed. I wrote several letters to all ministers, that I said exactly, does it mean anything that the Hermitage is no police protection. While I have not yet responded. While there is a message that they leave “.

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Mikhail Piotrovsky, who is also the president of the Union of Museums of Russia, said that the Union made a statement in which it offers local stores “urgently to conduct exercises on the protection mode exhibits its own, taking into account the fact that in November this year, the police stops the physical protection of museums”.

“The Hermitage has its own security service, and the rules, but the police – only organization that can throw the bully by the scruff of the street and walks with a gun. Other organizations protection have significantly less rights, “- said Mikhail Piotrovsky.

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