Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spies are interested in Guy Ritchie Minskers more than Tom Cruise – TUT.BY

August 18, 2015 at 15:11
Artem Bordovskiy, AFISHA.TUT.BY

The movie “Agents A.N.K.L.” Guy Ritchie headed Minsk theaters, beating another spy thriller – “Mission: Impossible Tribe rogue” with Tom Cruise.

According to the Moscow” Kinovideoprokat “, in local cinemas” Agents A.N.K.L. ” earned 632 million rubles, located on the first line of the list.

In the US thriller Guy Ritchie was only in third place with earnings of 13.5 million dollars. Project budget – $ 75 million, so his return is questionable.

“Mission: Impossible Tribe rogue” with Tom Cruise took second place in Minsk. During the second weekend of the tape has earned 574 million rubles.

In the US, the film also took second place rental, gathering for the weekend of 17 million dollars. World fees spy thriller up 373.5 million dollars. This film has already left a plus.

The first place in the US box office He took the musical biographical drama “The Voice of the streets”, earned in the premiere weekend of $ 56 million.

The third place in Minsk turned out to be a cartoon, “Mignon” with a score of 98 million rubles. Animation has become one of the most successful projects of the year: global taxes “Minions” currently account for $ 957 million.


The fourth and fifth places in Minsk movies “Irrational Man” and “beside himself.” The paintings have earned 70 and 66 million rubles respectively.

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