Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The museum community of Russia demanded to punish Enteo for the incident in the Arena – KM.RU

The representatives of the museum community demanded to punish Dmitri Tsorionova (Enteo) and other Orthodox activists ransacked during the exhibition at the Manezh. The publication The Art Newspaper Russia issued a corresponding open letter signed by the leadership of the largest national museums.

The authors of the message indicated that the activists damaged the work of Vadim Siddur, which are included in the State Fund of Russia. They stressed that the sculptor is a party and invalids of the Great Patriotic War, and many of his works are imbued with “pain, suffering, tragedy, and never – mockery».

The actions of activists led by Enteo letter are regarded as undermining the authority of the Russian Orthodox Church and the violate the fundamental principle
interfaith and interethnic co-existence of peoples of Russia-principle of tolerance. The letter stated that the act of vandalism in the Arena threatens all the country’s museum community, “were helpless in the face of vandals destroying works of art on display at the exhibition.” They demanded to punish those responsible and to take measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Earlier, media reported that the activists of the movement “God’s will”, headed by Dmitry Tsorionovym (known as Enteo) August 14, rushed to the exhibition ” The sculptures, which we do not see “in the Arena and ransacked. The attackers damaged several exhibits, saying that the exposure is blasphemy, mockery of the Christian holy places and offend the feelings of believers. Activists said they would seek the closure of the exhibition. Meanwhile, she continues to work. Damaged exhibits seized by the police. In the near future, experts assess the damage caused by the actions of the attackers. Enteo, in turn, argues that none of the sculptures is not affected.


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