Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Vladimir Putin and Abdel Fattah Alsisi discussed prospects of cooperation between Russia and Egypt – the first channel

Co-operation in trade, energy and the development of joint programs Vladimir Putin discussed with the President of Egypt. Abdel Fattah Alsisi arrived in Russia on an official visit.

The cooperation in trade, energy and the development of joint programs Vladimir Putin discussed with the President of Egypt. Abdel Fattah Alsisi arrived in Russia on an official visit.

We talked about the problems of global security. Cairo is one of the strategic partners in the Middle East in Moscow. In recent years, the pace of interaction grow.

Over the last year with a little this is the fourth meeting between the two leaders. And the third time, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi arrives in Russia. Visit the worker, and hence the theme for the talks purely business. Heads of State have something to discuss.

Vladimir Putin began the meeting with greetings. In early August, Egypt noted the completion of one of the most important economic projects – the modernization project of the Suez Canal. It was possible not only to reconstruct the old channel, but also to build new, which will significantly increase the volume of commercial traffic on this key route linking East and West.

“I would like to congratulate you on the restarting of the Suez Canal. This is a great event economic life of Egypt, and it was done on your initiative, and under your leadership. This is a great event. Of course, Egypt, being a key country in the region, lives not only revenues of the Suez Canal. Egypt – a country very promising. Let me express my hope that through the development of Russian-Egyptian relations, we will move forward to develop our economy, the social sphere, and our citizens will feel positive trends created by this cooperation “, – said Vladimir Putin.

“The Egyptian people are very interested in developing cooperation between our two countries, not only in the economic field. We are active in the fight against terrorism, that the Middle East is an important issue. We oppose this evil not only by force no less important role played by the development of the economic and social spheres. In this regard, I would like to thank you for taking part in the ceremony of the opening of the Suez Canal, “- said the Egyptian leader.

New features of the Suez Canal for the delivery of goods and will allow implementing new projects. One of them Russian and Egyptian presidents agreed during the previous meeting in February in Cairo. In the northern part of Egypt plans to build a so-called Russian industrial zone.

However, the convenient transport links – important but not the only condition for the success of this project. Industrial development requires huge amounts of energy. The Arab Republic of the electricity shortage in recent years is increasing. Russian specialists are ready to assist in solving this problem.

“successfully promote energy projects. One of the most successful bilateral projects – the construction of Egypt nuclear power plant based on Russian technology. Experts in both countries complete the elaboration of the practical aspects of the construction of the station”, – said Vladimir Putin.

“In the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy in recent years achieved a great success. We look forward to take advantage of Russian experience gained in this vital area,” – said the president of Egypt.

To finance the most promising projects will be a joint investment fund between the two countries, to participate in that already, by the way, are connected and the United Arab Emirates – is one of the leading economic leaders in the region.

Another important area Cooperation between the two countries – agriculture. Year-round Russian imports from Egypt, fruits and vegetables, instead of selling wheat. Nearly half of all grain in ninety millionth Egypt – Russian, and have the opportunity to develop trade and more.

“Egyptian exporters successfully use opportunities of our market, which opened later after the adoption of Russian retaliatory restrictive measures in connection with the sanctions of the European Union. In the first half of this year, imports of food products from Egypt increased by more than 8%. In turn, Egypt is the largest consumer of Russian wheat, “- Putin said.

Russia and Egypt, said today the two leaders , we intend to continue as vigorously develop economic cooperation. According to Vladimir Putin, the previous year’s trade turnover between our countries has grown by almost half. Recently, however, these rates began to decline.

“We have agreed with the President to make the necessary efforts to weaken the influence of external factors, lead exchanges on the path of sustainable growth. Among the concrete steps to further stimulate the economy can create a free trade zone between Egypt and the Eurasian Economic Union, and the use of national currencies in mutual settlements, promoting investment cooperation and investment flows “, – said Russian President.

Travel – still one of the most important areas of economic cooperation. Over the past year the number of Russian tourists in Egypt is increasing, largely due to the fact that in the Arab Republic has become much calmer and safer.

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