Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian Geographical Society with the 170th anniversary – Russian newspaper

Yesterday, the president took part in an expedition of the Russian Geographical Society: plunged to a depth of 82 meters in the Balaklava Bay on submersibles “C-EXPLORER 3″ to explore a sunken Byzantine ship. Vladimir Putin also congratulated the Russian Geographical Society with 170-anniversary and had a talk with reporters – this time on the beach, in the Count’s pier.

During a dive in the bathyscaphe, Vladimir Putin spoke by radio with the Prime Minister, who also took part in events RGS. Footage showed the channel “Russia 24″. Dmitry Medvedev wished the successful return and promised to “pass on his feet”.

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Then, even during a trip on a boat, head of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko asked whether to get an amphora, which was carrying the wreck. “Not only to get, well, if there’s anything left, we even drink,” – Prime Minister smiled. The President said that it is necessary to first understand what they were, and maybe there still. The meeting participants put forward suggestions: olive oil, wine and grain.

Also, Putin congratulated RGS anniversary. “This coincided so, of course, that we have this date celebrating here today off the coast of the Crimea, but still have the opportunity, pleasure and happiness to attend events related to the study of antiquity, which we inherited more from the past centuries, from previous generations. Russian Geographical Society has always engaged in research, which were crucial Russia “, – he said.

In one of them just attended the president. Expedition to survey the underwater part of the waters near Sevastopol was organized by the Russian Geographical Society and the club “Rostov Dive” with the support of the Ministry of Defence. In May, near the entrance to Balaklava Bay found traces of a shipwreck. “This is one of the rare objects, which belongs to the X-XI centuries, galleon, which was carrying civilian goods … Very interesting,” – the head of state shared his impressions with reporters. There, he said, in the northern Black Sea region is not so much.

The ship was hard to see: it is at the bottom, and even the fact that the surface is covered with a layer of silt sorokasantimetrovym. Presumably vessel length 27-30 m, width – 13-15 m. “A lot of different subjects, including subjects of the vessel lining, and a large number of amphorae just scattered there,” – threw up his hands Putin, showing the scale of the finds. “But, it is essential that professionals carefully watched and investigated,” – he added.

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Thanks to this discovery, it will be possible to better understand how to develop relations with the neighbors of ancient Russia, even more to pay attention to national history. “It’s just the time of formation of Russian statehood, development of relations with Byzantium and other countries” – said the President. Putin also praised the Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society – representatives of businesses that fund not only research, but also the restoration – for example, helped to recreate the fortification at the entrance to the bay, laid back Suvorov in 1778.

The expedition RGS Vladimir Putin took part before: in 2009 he is submersible to dive in one of the deepest points of Lake Baikal, and in August 2011 sank to the bottom of the Taman Gulf during a visit to the excavations of the unique ancient Greek city Phanagoria.

Although participation in the expedition led State liked, but “it is better, of course, at home, of course, on the ground and among our people,” – he concluded.

President asked not only about what he saw at the bottom of the bay, but also on the course the ruble and the situation in the Donbass. The blame for the escalation of conflict in the militias, and on the other side, he said. “That militia Donbass offered to take the whole military equipment the caliber of less than 100 mm”, – Putin said. But Kiev is concentrating there the unit, including enhanced military equipment.

“I hope that before the open lines of large-scale clashes will not come,” – continued the president. “With regard to the agreements” Minsk-2 “, then I think that there is no other alternative for resolving the situation there, – he said. – And in the end the world will certainly prevail.” “Our task is to minimize the losses, which we will come to this world”, – explained the president.

The president did not comment on the reaction of the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko on his working visit to the region. Only recalled: “The Future of the Crimea determined the people who live in the area. They have voted for reunification with Russia. All of them. The point”.

The president also said that the government pays on the economy, including the exchange rate of the ruble, high priority and importance, and doing this every hour, do not lose sight of. For example, yesterday, Putin and Medvedev also discussed the topic. Today the Head of State will speak with representatives of law enforcement agencies on security issues. In addition, he plans to meet with the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin – when he gets back from vacation. Yesterday, at the request of the media commented on the president of his possible departure from the post of CEO. “It’s his choice, everyone looks at their future as it considers it necessary”, – he said.

During the conversation with the journalists could hear gathered at the Nakhimov Square Crimeans joyfully greeted the president. Having finished a briefing, Vladimir Putin climbed the stairs and walked over to them. “Thank you for the world! Crimea – Russia!” – Thanked them.

After that the head of state also visited Constantine casemated battery and together with the Prime Minister, head of the Kremlin administration, Sergei Ivanov, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, and the Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, laid flowers at the monument to the heroes of the sailors – its defenders. The President stood up to the open area Konstantinovskaya battery overlooking the bay and the sea. There Medvedev took some photos.


Yesterday Vladimir Putin sent a telegram of condolences to the King of Thailand in the loss of lives in the terrorist attack in Bangkok . The Head of State strongly condemned the cynical crime that has no justification, and expressed support for the efforts of the authorities of Thailand to combat the terrorist threat. The President conveyed sympathy to the bereaved families and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured.

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