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Ahmed and “vzryvchasy” how students invent a new world – BBC Russian

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Image caption Ahmed with his father expressed joy at the successful resolution of the situation

history of 14-year-old Texan, Ahmed Mohamed, who brought them to the school designed the watch that was taken for explosives, caused a rush of sympathy from tracking the news section of humanity. Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg have expressed sympathy for the young technician. Bi-bi-si recalls the successes of other school-inventors.

When the joy of a schoolboy from the fruits of his labor did not share the local police, they briefly detained him, putting handcuffs on him in front of classmates.

Now, the investigation is over.

“I built a clock to impress my teacher, but she thought, if they have some kind of a threat. It is very sad that it came wrong impression” – told the student in a T-shirt NASA impromptu press conference outside his home.

The father of Mohamed felt that his son designed the clock in a case, did not the American way.

On the same conference, the student thanked all those who supported him on the Internet, as well as US President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Wait for Ahmed!”

The press office of the US President believes that the student failed him as a teacher, and that this error all worth learning.

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Image caption The detention of Ahmed in front of classmates was painfully perceived schoolboy

Obama even invited a young inventor in the White House, while the founder of social networking site Facebook Mark Zuckerberg called the boy in the head office of his company.

In the “Twitter” on account IStandWithAhmed (“I am in favor of Ahmed”) per day of its existence has subscribed more than 77 thousand. man.

The social networks have supported thousands of young technology users to send messages to weave the same hashtag.

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Image caption Obama promised to show Ahmed White House

“Students deserve teachers who can distinguish the watch from the bomb” – says userqueenfeminist.

Some including his father, Ahmed, claimed that the young man could handcuff of racial prejudice.

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Image caption Mark Zuckerberg became interested in the work of the young inventor

“I hope that the motion” I am in favor of Ahmed “grow into a deep national debate about race, punishment and detention,” – says the teacher Morehouse College in Atlanta, Marc Lamont Hill.

But the school insisted that the detention of Mohamed enabled them to observe all safety procedures .

One of the investigators told the assembled mechanism reminded him of “cinematic bomb”.

five open school, surprised the world

Image copyright Getty
Image caption jack andraka received 100 thousand. dollars from Intel for his invention

Students thus may manifest itself in the most unexpected inventions.

  • Four years ago, 14-year-old schoolboy Maryland jack andraka introduced a test for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, based on an analysis of the number of sensitive protein mezotelinu antibodies in human blood: so his method is similar to the identification of diabetes on the speed, accuracy and low cost.
  • In June, 13-year-old Londoner Muaz Nawaz and his 14-year-old friends Daanyal Ali and Chirag Shah presented a condom, changes color depending on what kind of disease he “felt” detectors bacteria and viruses. If all goes well, the condom does not change color.
  • In July, 18-year-old Canadian graduate Alex Deans presented to the public joystick sonar for the blind called iAid: stick operates on the principle of sonar, reflecting the sound from the object, giving the blind user to assess whether it is close to one or another obstacle.
  • 18-year-old Isha Hare of California Saratoga in 2013, he presented a supercapacitor that can charge mobile phones for 20-30 seconds. Hare is going to extend the application of his invention, whose work is based on the principles of nanochemistry, all portable electronic devices.
  • In March the same year, the Indonesian high school student Dwi Izzah and Rint Mika won the competition for the best research project in Jakarta for an air freshener from cow manure. Girls smart enough to extract water from decomposing for three days, “cakes”. Subsequently, they were mixed with the liquid water from the coconut and spent sublimation, which gave them freshener with the scent of grass, chew cow.

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