Friday, September 25, 2015

Airlines lose tens of millions of curfews Ukraine – RBC

Photo: Yekaterina Kuzmina / RBC

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the decision of the National Security Council has decided to ban Russian airlines fly to the Ukrainian airport, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. According to the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers. “Nothing to do with the Russian planes of the Russian tricolor in the Ukrainian airports”, – quotes Yatseniuk’s press service.

The ban will come into force from October 25, said the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine with reference to the State Aviation Service. The Office has already begun to inform the airlines that are not allowed to fly to Ukraine, and expects to complete this process before the end of Friday, 25 October.

Ukraine imposed sanctions on 21 Russian airlines that fly to the Crimea, despite the ban on the Ukrainian authorities . The presidential decree on implementation of the decisions of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine was published on 16 of September. Under the sanctions were as a company flying to Ukraine (“Aeroflot”, “Transaero», S7 and UTair), and did not carry out flights on its territory (Red Wings, «VIM-Avia” and “Ak Bars Aero”). For all listed in the decree of the companies introduced restrictions on “partial or complete cessation of transit resources, operations and transportation on the territory of Ukraine».

«Aeroflot” has not yet received notification of the suspension of flights by the aviation authorities of Ukraine, told RBC representative of the company in the evening on September 25. If such notice goes, the carrier will notify passengers, he added. Press Service of “Transaero” has not responded to a request RBC Representative of S7 was unavailable for comment, a spokesman UTair refused them.

«Aeroflot” flies 35 times a week from Moscow to Kiev, “Transaero” – 22 , S7 and UTair – 14, according to the Federal Air Transport Agency. In Odessa flying “Aeroflot” (21 times a week), “Transaero” and S7 (once), and in Ukraine – only UTair (seven times). STC “Russia” seven times a week flying from St. Petersburg to Kiev.

Ukrainian national carrier “International lines of Ukraine” flies 13 times a week from Kiev to Moscow and St. Petersburg three times a week Kaliningrad and five times – from Odessa to Moscow.

Flying Ukrainian airlines may also stop: September 25, Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov warned that the Russian authorities will have to take a “mirror” action if the Ukrainian sanctions against carriers come by (quoted by Interfax). “We understand that this will actually lead to a halt of air traffic between the two countries. And suffer from it in the first place Ukrainian citizens. But I stress that in the current situation to this step the Russian side to force the action of the Ukrainian authorities “, – the official said.

The loss of Russian airlines from discontinued operations in the Ukraine general director of consulting company” Infomost “Boris Rybak evaluated in mid-September tens of millions of dollars a year. “International lines of Ukraine” is more accurate. Last week the company announced that the losses from the sanctions it will bypass Russia in $ 42 million a year. In addition, losses from idle UIA three aircraft flying to Russia amount to an additional $ 10 million per year.


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