Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Died Mihai Volontir – Kommersant

After several months of illness in his hometown of Balti (Moldova) on the 82 th year, surrounded by loved ones died People’s Artist of the USSR Mikhail Volontir. Widely known for his role as an actor was Budulai Romanov in four-part film “Gypsy».

Tonight in Moldova, died People’s Artist of the USSR Mikhail Volontir. The last months, he struggled with the disease in the municipal hospital of his native city of Balti. 81-year-old actor had cancer, as well as a complication of diabetes on the eye. At the end of his life he almost lost his sight. Last minute near the actor was his wife Euphrosyne.

Mihai Volontir Glinzheny born in the village in Moldova. Upon reaching adulthood, he moved to another village, where he began to teach at the local school. He became an actor at age 23, when the review was amateur and was in the group of theater acting training in the city of Balti. His theatrical debut in the comedy “Kyritz in Iasi” B. Alexander. After the role he embodied on stage more than 120 characters in the theater. In the movie, Mihai Volontir debuted in 1968 in the film “We need a porter.” In the action film “The area of ​​special attention” (1977), he has played a major role, strong-willed and rebellious Ensign Volentir who fearlessly neutralize runaway prisoners. The film was continued and was marked by numerous awards.

However, widely known for his role Volontir Budulai wandering in the four-part film “Gypsy” (1979), filmed by a Soviet director Alexander Blanco. For relationship suddenly appeared in the village of Gypsies and Cossacks with stormy temper once sheltered gypsy child, played by Clara Lucko, without exaggeration, the whole country watched. The ratings of the series were so high that in 1985 came the continuation of the series about a gypsy – “Return Budulai” in which the protagonist loses his memory after the bandits and only love and his family return to normal life. In 1988, Mihai Volontir received the title of People’s Artist of the USSR. Then Volontir starred in the movie “This is the moment,” “Ten winters in one summer”, “cool”, “This sweet word – freedom”, “The case of the square 36-80″, “Traces of the werewolf,” “the faithful remain”, ” A knock at the door ».

During his career Volontir appeared in over 30 films. In 2000, he was recognized as one of the greatest actors of the XX century in Moldova. His last film role belongs to 2003. In the movie “Chandra” he played a projectionist. However, in the theater, he continued to work and play in the performances until 2014.


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