Thursday, September 24, 2015

“Fast and Furious” is looking for a director – BBC

The series “Fast and Furious” from the first film, released in 2001, it was for the film company Universal one of the most profitable franchises. The output of the seventh only confirmed this status – she earned at the box office more than $ 1.5 billion and now ranks fifth in the overall rankings. Total charges of “Fast and the Furious” little short of the $ 4 billion, and the continuation of the series simply arises – despite the death of artist co-star Paul Walker, and to actually change the concept in new parts.

In the end, it was decided that the sequel be – and with an eye on the next trilogy. They will continue to appear (and produce) Vin Diesel, worthy role get Kurt Russell, will be Dwayne Johnson, and the premiere is scheduled for April 14, 2017.

remains low problem – to “Fast and the Furious-8″ to find a director.

Initially, do this picture was Justin Lin, director of four films of the series – the third to sixth. But he was invited to the third “Star Trek,” and from the “Fast and Furious”, he was forced to abdicate. There will be no shoot-eighth of the seventh and the director – James Wan; the author of “Saw” and “Astral” has long had his own plans – shooting the second “Spells».

In addition, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the work on the high budget – it cost $ 190 million – a blockbuster mentally exhausted Wang and nearly brought him to the hospital bed.

Just remember that Walker was killed in November 2013, in the midst of working on the film, the script had to remodel right on the move, the actor was replaced by his brothers and computer technology, and the output of the film was delayed almost a year. In addition, Wang did not really have a relationship with Vin Diesel, he decided to rest the soul at the usual low-budget horror. He decided so firmly that even a fee, “the ability to change lives,” did not make him change his mind. Apparently, I realized that life is more expensive.

However, the director of the disease and its quarrels with the main actor (and part-producer) speak only anonymous sources edition. Representative Vin Diesel called the reports of tensions with the director of “complete nonsense”, a press agent Wang also did not confirm that on the set there was something wrong, and denied his client’s illness. In the official release of Universal alleges that James Wan never considered as a producer eighth part due to scheduling conflicts, and now the company is holding talks with several potential directors of “Fast and the Furious-8».

The most likely candidate for the publication considers the director Jaume Serra Kolet known by the militants, “Non-Stop” and “Run All Night,” starring Liam Neeson.

But if “Marshal” has shown good financial results, but the “Fugitive” was unprofitable – 50 million film earned at the box office of only $ 72 million. And, apparently, so Kolet Serra is only considered as a possible director of “Fast and the Furious” – along with other contenders, including newcomers.

But the situation with the choice of director somewhat delayed. Chris Morgan, who was a writer on the last four “Fast and Furious” has to finish its work, the crew is also ready – and sources THR fear that Vin Diesel could not sustain itself sit in the director’s chair. However, all of his experience in this role limited to 12-minute short film, but why should not he change his profession right now? However, other sources believe that this will happen – such a move would be too extravagant even for Vin Diesel.


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