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Gold cigarette case for a million rubles is not exposed at the Museum of the TV game “Field of Dreams” – TVNZ

September 25 opened a new museum presents the capital show “Field of Dreams.” If the first exhibition was in one of the pavilions at the Exhibition Centre, it is the 25th anniversary of the transfer, she moved to the first floor of the main building of the television station in the street Academician Korolev, 12. At the ceremony Leonid Yakubovich personally cut the red ribbon … shears!

However, in the “Ostankino” it was a place of just one thousandth of the entire collection, because a quarter of a century has been collected about 50 thousand gifts. Particularly valuable items, such as jewelry, put in the television station did not. The museum does not have its own protected rooms and glass windows in the lobby exhibit expensive gifts safe.

– We have not fully solved the problems with security exposure and excursion program – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” head of the museum transmission “Field of Dreams” Valery Pereverzev. – So it is not exposed exhibits representing financial value. For example, silver and gold cigarette cases, items made of precious metals, gold cufflinks, bottle inlaid with precious stones, etc. When our exhibition had the status of a mobile, we designated the insured value items. So the sum insured for only one gold antique cigarette case reaches up to one million rubles.

Also in the museum in the “Ostankino” there was no room air bombs, which a few years ago brought to the program one of the participants.

– Loud then was the story – says Valery Pereverzev. – A man wanted so much to give Leonid Yakubovich bomb that brought him right in “Ostankino”. However, the building of the television station was not allowed. The man burst into tears, Leonid Abramovich stood up for him. As a result, the story reached the leadership of the FSB of the country! Amazing that a shell in the “Field of Dreams” is still removed. But dare to carry aerial bomb here again – it’s easier just to shoot. To date, the projectile is neutralized and stored. Though his place is definitely here, among other valuable gifts.

Visit the museum game show “Field of Dreams” can be anyone. To do this, make an ordinary tour of the television center on the site Tours are conducted daily at 11.00. Price tours for adults – 750 rubles, for children up to 16 years – 550 rubles.

What does not accept Leonid Yakubovich: after the transfer he always returns to owners and insignia of the Order. Icons gives the temple. And the animals are often sent home with their owners. However, while writing the paper that the horse or goat belongs to Leonid Yakubovich.

Where do food? The store exhibits show “Field of Dreams” is a bank with canned cucumbers and tomatoes, which are contained there for 13 years. But it is rare, because the food is usually up to the museum simply did not survive.

– Few people know, but after the end of the program in the studio to lay the table, and all the spectators shouting “Hurrah!” Rush to them and devour all that is brought to the program, – says Leonid Abramovich. – Drag home even jars and lids. So the food is simply no chance to become exhibits.

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The Ostankino opened a new museum presents the capital show “Field of Dreams»


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