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Grouping Gayzer: arrested for what the leadership of the Republic of Komi – RBC

Do not hit the rest

About the institute criminal proceedings against 19 members of a criminal group, which, according to law enforcement officers, led by the governor of the Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gaiser, his deputy Alexei Chernov, a former adviser the head of the Komi Alexander Zarubin and businessman Valeri Veselov, Russia’s Investigative Committee said on Saturday afternoon, the case was filed on Friday.

Gaiser at this time was in Moscow, where about to take off on holiday abroad. He was arrested and taken to Komi to in his presence, to conduct a search in the office. Investigators found a safe with money, a collection of expensive watches (worth about $ 1 million), documents on several offshore companies and projects of acquisition of aircraft Bombardier and Hawker.

On Sunday Gaiser was arrested in Moscow. He is cooperating with the investigation, said his lawyer. Another prisoner, a former senator from Komi Yevgeny Samoilov, has pleaded guilty and is testifying on Gayzer, the investigator said on Sunday at the hearing, which addressed the issue of the arrest of the suspects.

Banda officials

According to investigators, the gang operated since 2006. Its purpose was acquisition of state property. A criminal case under article “criminal community” and “fraud».

The criminal community is different scale operations – inter-regional and international nature of criminal acts, hierarchical structure, unity and close relationship managers and participants, strict subordination of the lower members to higher , tested system of secrecy and protection from law enforcement agencies, the official representative of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin.

«criminal community can be compared to a large holding company: there are structural units, managers and subordinates, and certainly his work is aimed at profit “- says RBC lawyer Edward Isetsky, represents the interests of the general Denis Sugrobova. But in practice, it recognizes the defender, consequently often imposes this article (210 th CC) in those cases where signs of organized crime groups and do not close. “This is done in order to weight the charges and obtain an arrest warrant,” – says Isetsky.

The lawyer Vladimir foal notes that to qualify actions of the accused under this heading the investigation to prove that the group was spread roles, cash and a clear structure.

According to sources RBC familiar with the investigation, the first episode of fraud which is imputed to persons involved in cases concerning the theft of 50% of the shares of the hotel “Avalon” in the city of Syktyvkar. The second episode – the output shares of “Poultry Zelenetskaya.” According to the source, members of the criminal group exchanged its assets in shares of illiquid companies and subsequently underpaid to the budget of more than 900 million rubles., That ought to pay as dividends.

The interlocutor RBC notes that in the investigation are and other information about the theft of shares of profitable companies. He did not rule out that the amount of the charges may later be increased.

defendants in the case

48-year-old Gaiser to the civil service came in the early 2000s from the bank sector. By 2006, when, according to investigators, was established OCG Gaiser in office minister in charge of the national finances. As governor was proposed by then-President Dmitry Medvedev in 2010. In 2014, President Vladimir Putin has appointed Gayzer Acting Governor. In the elections, he received 78.97% of the vote.

The other three defendants in the case of organized crime groups in 2002-2010, as well as Gaiser, worked in the team of the former head of the region Vladimir Torlopova. At that time, he held the position of adviser to the governor, Alexander Zarubin. Arrested Deputy Gayzer Alexey Chernov and in 2002 was an adviser to the former governor, and in 2006 was appointed vice-governor. The deputy chairman of the Republican government, Konstantin Romadanov 2004 led Tariff Service, and in 2009 was appointed Deputy Torlopova.

Their co-defendant, the speaker of the State Council of the Republic Igor Kovzel come politics of commercial structures (since 2007 chaired the Board of Directors of “Syktyvkar industrial complex”). In 2011, already at Gaiser he was elected to the State Council and became its speaker.

The former senator from Komi Yevgeny Samoilov – a native of St. Petersburg: posted in early 2002 and to 2005 for finance at OAO “Holding Company” Leninist “. In 2007 he was elected to the State Duma on the federal list of candidates, “United Russia” and became a member of the Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes. Having worked in the lower chamber one convening, in 2011, it joined the Council of Federation of the State Council of the Komi Republic.

In the “Leninists” rose to the post of Deputy Director General. The company headed by Anatoly Turchak – father of the current governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak. “Samoilov and Turchak Jr. familiar” – says the source of RBC, close to the leadership of one of the north-western regions of Russia. Connected case against Gayzer and against the guards of one of the related “Leninists” enterprises accused in the assassination of journalist Oleg Kashin, he does not know, but it suggests that only this can explain the statement TFR of “interregional” criminal group of Komi.

The interlocutor RBC, close to the Kremlin, says that things between them are not connected.

Putin to date

Press Secretary President Dmitry Peskov said that Putin is known about the arrest of the governor. According to him, until the decree on the appointment of the acting head of the region is not, but, apparently, it can be expected that “one of these days the situation is somehow resolved».

Two interlocutor RBC, close to the leadership of the Kremlin administration, It says the interim head of the region will be a man “out of the current elite of Komi.” Gaiser can also be dismissed with the phrase “in connection with the loss of confidence.” The same thing happened this year on Sakhalin – after the arrest of Alexander Khoroshavina the region was transferred the head of the Amur Region Oleg Kozhemyako. However, he was waiting for the appointment for a few weeks – until then served as head of the region one of the deputies Khoroshavina. Now this will not be a long wait, the source says RBC.

In the “United Russia” have already announced the suspension of membership in the party Gayzer. Now he is part of the supreme council of United Russia.

A year ago, when Gayzer first term of office has expired, Putin entrusted him to perform the duties of head of the region . Naturally, all the arguments “for” and “against” then weighed, he recalled one involved in the decision to reassign Gayzer federal officials. “Of course, we appeal to him to come, but mostly from disgruntled people. They said that it is associated with the bandits, but did not show any evidence. In general, Gaiser then seemed so strong, “middling”. Such people are usually quite quickly go through all the formal procedures for reassignment “- says the official.

Back in September of this year Gaiser led the list of “United Russia” in the elections to the Legislative Assembly. The party won 26 of 30 seats in the State Council. “And Gaiser quietly waged a campaign carried out to his people, and no one tried to interfere with him,” – says the source close to the “United Russia».

The impact of business

In a region traditionally strong position of big companies – it represented “Rosneft”, Lukoil, “Severstal”, “Renova”. One of the suspects, Alexander Zarubin was the CEO of “Renova”, but then walked away from the company and has been actively engaged in business on their own in the region, told the three interlocutor RBC, close to the Kremlin and confirms the interlocutor in the region. According to the latter, Zarubin was the “local oligarchy” with pretensions to it to control the region.

According to the interlocutors, is opposing Zarubin large companies in 2009, played a role in the resignation of the previous governor Vladimir Torlopova. However, he was able to participate in the selection of a new governor – Gayzer. Recently Gayzer activity and were dissatisfied Zarubin many large companies say the interlocutors RBC.

Problems with law enforcement officers from the local authorities was a long time, said the source close to the Kremlin. They were arrested mayor of Vorkuta, Pechora, Ukhta and Syktyvkar. “When it got to Gayzer – to protect him was simply no”, – said the source.

According to the analyst Konstantin Kalachev, the second in a year’s arrest of the governor economically successful region – it is a signal the leaders of other resource areas that in terms of economic instability the fight against corruption is concentrated around their assigned territories. The expert explained that little information about the case Gayzer does not allow to make more accurate conclusions and judge who is the primary beneficiary in the prosecution of leadership of Komi.

The choice of management Komi as a target for attack was a surprise to the political elite – and local, and federal, said political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov. Political reasons for intervention are not viewed on the handling of complaints in the Komi Republic was markedly lower than in Sakhalin. Apparently, the FSB and the TFR, activating thus creating a system of checks and balances, suggests the expert.


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