Friday, September 18, 2015

He died actor Mikhail Remizov – Dni.Ru

Died film and theater actor Mikhail Remizov. The actor, who played in the films “The Big Break”, “Life is Beautiful” and “Fascination of Evil”, died on the 67th year of a heart attack.
Mikhail Remizov. Shot from the movie “Murder 100 million”

The death of the famous cultural figure was confirmed by the press service of Electro “Stanislavski”. It was reported that the famous actor died of a heart attack on 67-year life on the night of September 17, . “ Do not become our colleague and friend, the remarkable actor Michael G. Remizov , has served in the Stanislavsky Drama Theatre almost 20 years”, – stated in the theater.

Colleagues actor added that A memorial service will be held on September 20 in Electro “Stanislavsky” . Remizov will be buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.

last nearly 20 years, he went to the scene of Theatre of Stanislavsky , played Kaifu in” Master and Margarita “, Priam in the” Trojan War will not be “captivated charm his Abram Matveevitch in “Evgrafov, adventurer.” That’s it would have to be held “dark alley”, – reported in the theater. The troupe has expressed condolences to the relatives of the actor.

theater Mikhail Remizov carried away in his childhood, he worked in the studio “Man” and performed in amateur. Later, he entered the Moscow Art Theatre School. In the last years has become a star in a movie – first in the episodes, and then in larger roles. Viewers known for paintings “Big Break”, “Life is Beautiful “,” Fascination of Evil, “” Hunting for genius “and” Male season. Velvet Revolution “.

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