Tuesday, September 22, 2015

In Michael birch planted in honor of Sergei Dovlatov – “Voronezh Courier” – the newspaper online

support the festival as Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medina, who emphasized that Dovlatov in some way was an employee of the Ministry of Culture as well as “Pushkin Hills” – a museum under federal jurisdiction.

On the Walk guides, planted in honor of ascetics Michael now has his behalf and birch.

The museum-reserve “Pushkin Hills” Sergei Dovlatov worked as a guide. In public, he appeared only twice – at the opening of the installation “Russia” on the waterfront Pskov Kremlin, at a time when there was no press, but other than that in the theater at the premiere of the film by Stanislav Govorukhin “The End of a Beautiful Era”, when the hall is already extinguished light, and protection of the governor previously taken care of “black” input and output.

The winner of the literary competition of the festival Sergei Dovlatov “Reserve» (Dovlatovfest) became a reporter, writer, member of the International Guild of Writers Gennady Litvintsev. So I called, and one of the stories of the writer.

The weather from solar to clap during the festival changed a couple of times. Of the 69 members of the literary contest “Dovlatovfesta” on the big stage came to 6 people.

Culture Minister Vladimir Medina with its own side expressed its readiness to further support the festival. This Internet portal VLuki.ru told the press center of the regional administration.

«interest in his work is growing,” – he said.

Guests of the festival in the course of the program have visited the house, described in dovlatovskogo “Reserve”. The house is almost all the way it was when Dovlatov, with the only difference being that the roof can not see the stars. His personal meeting with Dovlatov was the only one, and proceeded peacefully. “So I sent the report to Leningrad».


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