Thursday, September 24, 2015

In Petrozavodsk detained the former head of Karelia – RBC

The director of the museum “Kizhi” Andrew Nelidov

Photo: Larionov, Vladimir / TASS

In Petrozavodsk on Thursday had been detained the former head of Karelia, the director of the Museum-Reserve “Kizhi” Andrei Nelidov. This was announced on Thursday a member of the public council of the museum, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Karelia Andrei Rogalevich, reports Tass. According to him, Nelidov was arrested in his apartment.

A source in law enforcement bodies told Tass that Nelidov arrested on suspicion of taking bribes. It did not specify the size of the source. The law enforcement bodies of Karelia Agency confirmed the information about the detention of the former head of the republic. “Operational activities held in the framework of anti-corruption activities,” – said the source.

About the arrest on condition of anonymity, told Interfax interlocutor. “Andrei Nelidov detained under the anti-corruption campaign, carried out in Karelia. Currently, operative-investigative activities, work all the law enforcement agencies of Karelia “, – said the source.

Officially, the police has not yet comment on the situation.

According to the Karelian newspaper” Guberniya Daily » arrest Nelidova associated with entrepreneurs tenant of land in the reserve, a criminal case.

Nelidov was the head of Karelia from 2010 to 2012. Previously, he was a senator from the region. Since 2013 is the director of the Museum-Reserve “Kizhi”. His appointment has caused conflict in the museum staff.

In recent months, law enforcement is carried out in Russian anti-corruption campaign, which resulted has two high-profile criminal cases against heads of regions. In March this year on charges of large bribe was detained Sakhalin Governor Alexander Khoroshavin, he is now in jail. In May, charges of bribe in the amount of 15 million rubles. have been presented as two former subordinates Khoroshavina – members of the government of the Sakhalin region, Nikolai Borisov and Sergey Karepkinu.

Last week, the Investigative Committee of Russia (MRS) opened a criminal case against the head of the Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gayzer and another 18 people who investigators accused of fraud and the creation of a criminal association, acting for the appropriation of state property . Preliminary damage from the actions of OPG estimated at 1 billion rubles., But according to the official representative of the TFR Vladimir Markin, can grow. The case Gaizer became the first in Russia, when the head of the region was declared the head of the criminal community.

Interfax source in the police said that it Gayzer – not the last “resonant anti-corruption operation in the territory of Russia”, and promised a series new anti-corruption operations.


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