Saturday, September 19, 2015

In the Pskov region birch planted in honor of Sergei Dovlatov – Russian newspaper

Today, in the Pskov region ends Dovlatovfest. Yesterday was the center of the festival life Museum “Pushkin Hills” where Sergei Dovlatov worked as a guide. The impressions of those years served as the basis for the famous novel “The Reserve”.

On the Walk guides, planted in honor of St. Michael’s devotees, and now has his behalf birch. Take part in the symbolic tree planting was offered to everyone.

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“Here you see the hammer and sickle as the main means of production of the Soviet era – said the director of the Museum” Pushkin Hills “Georgy Vasilevich. – A plastic bucket with scoops – the land of Tallinn, St. Petersburg, New York, Moscow, symbolizing the Russian writers, scattered all over the world … “

A few guests of the festival were thrown under the ground roots of trees, watered it and took pictures. Ribbons, prepared for the celebration was cut twice as much. First, red tape, tied at two cuttings shovels, preceded the opening of the Avenue of the guides. Second, green, cut after the landing nominal birch.

An important event was the awarding of the winners and literary competition of the festival Sergei Dovlatov. The jury read nearly seventy works in the short list included six works, three of which were finalists. It works by Gennady Litvintseva, Marina Mokhnatkin Alexander Plotkin.

The Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications has decided to award all the nominees. “We highlight the festival grant for the publication of the works included in the short list, – said the deputy head of Rospechat Vladimir Grigoriev. – Let’s promote the contest … Long list will be published on the festival website, and the winners will encourage the publication of a book each year.”

to support the festival and Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medina, who noted that Dovlatov in some way was an employee of the Ministry of Culture as “Pushkin Hills” – a museum under federal jurisdiction.

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” We will continue to support the festival, it will grow in breadth and winners of the first competition will become history, “- said Medina.

completed the second day of the festival screening of the film by Stanislav Govorukhin” The End of a Beautiful Era “, is based on the stories Dovlatov, included in the collection” compromise “.

On the waterfront, near the walls of the Pskov Kremlin, it was set installation “RUSSIA”. As explained by the artist Aidan Salakhova based – letters of the name of the hotel “Russia” in Moscow, taken from the front in its dismantling.

Performance “Gorje” concludes the festival. By the way, the playwright Valeri Pecheykin wrote the play specifically for DovlatovFest’a. As the artist, producer Paul Kaplevich, it was assumed that the performances will include the text of the Dovlatov, but this was prevented by the difficulties associated with copyright. Nevertheless, considers Kaplevich, the play turned out and it has a future stage.

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