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International Ballet Festival: Kremlin – the main means – Moskovsky Komsomolets

International Ballet Festival ballet collects stars for the fourth time

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In this by artists gather in the Kremlin Palace from around the world also to congratulate the 25th anniversary of the hosts and organizers of the festival – the troupe “Kremlin Ballet”. Reviewer “MK” has met the artistic director and chief choreographer of the “Kremlin Ballet” Andrei Petrov, to find out details of the life of the ballet in the Kremlin.

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– the Jubilee, the 25th season we ended, and now celebrate the date. We work from September 1990. We were in August, just held a casting, in early September together. November 4 we already had the first performance – “Macbeth” by Vladimir Vasiliev, – explains to me Andrei Petrov, why not celebrate the anniversary of last season

– Let’s go back in time. Remember how it all began? You were at that time the head of the Bolshoi Ballet?

– No, I was head of the somewhat earlier. At the time I was appointed ballet master of Kremlin Palace – it was the second area of ​​the Bolshoi Theatre, a subsidiary. And just at that moment broke with Great Kremlin Palace.

Photo by press-service of the State Kremlin Palace

– How did this happen?

– Large “refused” from the Palace, because they had to give the old branch of the Bolshoi, which now occupies the Operetta Theatre. But never gave. This was not yet known and felt that the large area of ​​DTP is no longer needed. I stayed here because there was a division.

– Then you had to combine the duties of artistic director and director of the Kremlin Palace?

– There have been other candidates but somehow they chose me. I do not like and immediately said, “Let us for a year.” As a result, it came out 8 years!

– But then ballet flourished in the Kremlin. You managed to put a lot of interesting ballets: “Ruslan and Lyudmila”, “Napoleon Bonaparte”, “Zeus» …

– Well, I can not say that the ballet when it really flourished. Because it was very hard … I had no money at all! Palace had just recovered from the shock, when he resigned from the Bolshoi Theatre and disappeared creative content. Therefore, the idea of ​​creating theater. It is elementary to pay salaries was nothing! Palace idle: Party Congresses was gone, too, left the Grand, has started to invite some Korean missionaries. It ended all this, of course, a scandal … I once said that the need to create a full creative team immediately give performances … Then it will be the salary for all employees of the Palace, there would be some prospect of a creative.

– What is actually due to the ballet the first time, the Kremlin Palace, and survived?

– Yes. So it was … Ministry of Culture of the Soviet Union ceased to exist, was transferred to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, and they said: “We do not need this palace.” Was transferred to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR – it ceased to exist. He was transferred to the Supreme Council of the RSFSR. Only then had the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, to which we belong right now.

– last season led the ballet Andris Liepa, then again, you as the creator of the team returned to its rightful place … you this year were honorary president of the Kremlin Ballet. On what was the reason?

– I am for the 25 years changed the weight title … But to the presidency was the first time (laughs). Specifically these reasons, about which you ask, I can not explain. Rather, you need to appeal to Andris Liepa and case management, which then led Vladimir I. Kozhin. But for me it was not a surprise: we Andris worked a lot, and, in principle, sometimes you have to think about who is next to lead the ship … The main thing is to coincide completely artistic principles embodied in our theater was originally, which led, in general, to quite a big success. In this sense, the theater is justified both financially and creatively. Last season, I lost my powers. Despite the name change positions, he worked in the same way as always used to work, that is, from morning till night.

– Then why we put Andris?

– This is not my decision, and I would not want my colleague something to blame, or infringe upon his creative achievements. And why did not grow together? Just Andris theater sees differently. After all, we always rely on their own ideas and dreams. But it does not have to alter the finished theater, which has its own artistic style and direction. Maybe it makes sense then to create something entirely new.

– Nevertheless, the project of the ballet “La Bayadere”, that is the closest premier Kremlin ballet – a project Andris?

– Yes, he really wanted to put it, and we try to help in every way. And work is already under way. And I hope that on January 22 premiere will be held. Editorial It is based on the classic, St. Petersburg, which is at the Mariinsky Theatre. Andris invited very interesting artist – Vyacheslav Okunev, who made a wonderful sets and costumes …

– That is to say that the good relationship you have with Andris left?

– Of course.

– And what is the situation you have with artists, with a salary?

– The company of 75 people. Regarding salary: do not die of hunger, but when compared with large and with the Mariinsky Theater of Stanislavsky or wages are much lower. Management of the State Kremlin Palace itself is trying to add something, such as the award. Grants have not. Yet the leading theaters now receive some grants, and we – no! Director General – artistic director of the State Kremlin Palace Pyotr Shaboltai – is now paying great attention to the ballet at the hostel, which was now for the entire fight, and it left us …


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