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Krasnoyarsk artist Vasily Elephants continues to “cotton” topic. After the success of the exhibition in Moscow “Apocalypse padded jacket,” he went to the monumental art and created a gigantic proportions “Quilted Heart”. New art object, said FlashSiberia, prepared for the XI Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale. “Today in Russia there is the largest and warm heart on a partial text of the news planete.Eto
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Krasnoyarsk region – the subject of the Russian Federation, located in the Siberian Federal District, the administrative center – Krasnoyarsk. It refers to the East Siberian economic region.

 Formed December 7, 1934.

It borders with Yakutia and the Irkutsk region in the east, with the republics of Tuva and Khakassia in the south, Kemerovo, Tomsk region, the Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District in the west.

The administrative center of the region – Krasnoyarsk – the largest cultural, economic, industrial and educational center of Central and Eastern Siberia. The administrative center of Krasnoyarsk Krai (the second area of ​​the subject of Russia) and the city district of Krasnoyarsk. Founded in 1628, it is the largest of the ancient cities of Siberia. During the “gold fever” has long been a major center of the prosperous merchant Siberia. The easternmost city-millionaire in Russia.

The center of the East Siberian economic region.

 The city is located in the center of Russia, on both banks of the Yenisei River at the junction of the West Siberian Plain, the Central Siberian Plateau and the Sayan Mountains; in the basin formed by the northernmost spurs of the Eastern Sayan.

Population – 1,052,218 people. (2015). In Krasnoyarsk agglomeration is home to over 1.3 million residents.
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