Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Live Russia delivered the first air strikes on targets in Syria – BBC Russian


The representative of the Syrian National Council in Moscow, Mahmoud al-Hamza in an interview with BBC Russian Service, “in Syria are the latest military action Russia is negative because it is a foreign intervention in Syria.

Unfortunately, the main purpose of the introduction of troops – to help the regime of Bashar al-Assad, to save it. The Iranians, “Hezbollah” and other allies of Assad is not much help to him, the regime still lost. Russia has understood that if it will not help al-Assad, the regime will collapse, and Russia will lose their positions in Syria, would be out of the game.

Russia needs to maintain the Assad regime, and in this we have with the Russian regime costs because the main task of the Syrian Revolution – it political change against the regime. Assad himself to blame for the occurrence of LIH.

Because of egozhestokosti and crimes he committed against his own people, innocent people, because of the bombing, the use of chemical weapons radicalized population. Russia’s military presence in Syria is benefiting LIH, because many of those who are against the foreign military presence may succumb to slogans Islamists.

I think that under the guise of LIH Russia will bomb the moderate opposition to weaken the position of those who are against Bashar al-Assad, as the main opponent of the regime – is not LIH, namely the opposition “.


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