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No novel is not here – BBC

The first part of the new novel Pelevin’s “caretaker” surprised only by the fact that almost the only translator of current realities in the language kultmassovoy metaphysics finally rasplevalsya with modernity.

Released the first part of the new novel by Victor Pelevin in two volumes – “Caretaker.”

Most young Alex –

descendant Tynianov lieutenant Kizhe (nonexistent officer flashed once in the documents due to error clerk, but made a thumbs career thanks to decrees Emperor) appointed successor Ranger.

He will look after Idilliumom – illusory world, which branched off from the Earth at the end of the XVIII century willed Emperor Paul I and Franz Anton Mesmer, the inventor of the doctrine of “animal magnetism.” Over time, their collective hallucination, fueled by some of the fluid, which is the glue binds spirit and matter, became inhabited, has acquired details and history, and gained full independence.

However, during the rite of initiation of the Earth medium, released on bond with Alex, explaining to him that no Idilliuma does not exist, and Keeper for centuries has been and still is the ghost of Paul I, who shies at the Mikhailovsky Castle and imagines imagine what the hell. Including the fact that he, a young Alex, the successor to the Ranger. It is the consciousness of the ghost and then builds and destroys worlds to maintain its cozy illusion intact. Actually, the whole Idillium exists only in the eye of the beholder him Paul.

In this sense, the first part of the two-volume book entitled “The Order of the yellow flag” – a classic in every way Pelevin, once again hlebnuvshie emptiness of all things, and wrote about this novel.

But in the last years of his new book, appearing as the assembly line, each fall, became something of a hypertrophied news picture of the day – by gluing together the jokes from Facebook and evening editions of the First Channel.

So far, social significance of literature is measured not so much predictions Sorokin, Pelevin giggles as against belolentochnikov, powerful tsukerbrinov and ghouls sitting in the government. Slightly oliteraturennaya turned inside out and the reality of Twitter in his books finally finished taking a farce features: kreakly doing their “safe” glamorous revolution (“Batman Apollo”), is the world ran the vampiryugi («Empire V»).

bad joke on the topic of the day was filled with a sense of the vanity of his novels and impermanence of all events, but the impression made quite sluggish and helpless.

At this time, that somehow could be related to the present day, it was deliberately thrown out by the author on ” the Old Earth “and, therefore, expelled from the painful consciousness of the hero, whose eyes we survey the crumbs fall to the ideal world. Is that the type hallucinating ruler (who, incidentally, believes that the main problem of our reality – “too much history”) evokes certain associations. But even he in the first part of the novel is not given so much attention.

old-fashioned this world, obviously, turn another trick copyright. Especially considering that the first volume of the novel looks like a prolonged more than three hundred pages of exposition.

In a sense, Pelevin so ironically dubbed his own way of working with the text: “If a man inspire some illusion in his subjective space it can become a reality.” One illusion is fighting another in the head of a frightened little man who brought up his own glitches expensive of all truths and absolutes. The man, even if he is the ghost of Emperor Paul, even the Pope, still invent for themselves a comfortable and safe haven fabulous – Idillium or maybe Inner Mongolia.

So instead of connecting to the hot to infopovodam author does handicraft fueling the itself a myth – hermetic little world that does not require from its creator detailed drawing.

This world is assembled and disassembled as matryoshka, which, of course, always remains hollow inside. It is totalitarian by virtue of any rigidities of consciousness, but it seems that even in their own cozy. Flawless Women ‘bandaged soul “(as the Chinese women have bandaged foot) are grown on special farms, cultural values ​​- to make rubbings of the earth, and filled in all the wise angels of the four elements.

No fresh truths about the device being, however, by Pelevin not wait. “Joint hallucinatory experience” on which to build a “caretaker” and all moved to a new book from the “Chapaev and emptiness.” In short, everything the same, just not funny and even a little boring. Although

secondary Pelevin’s prose in relation to itself long since become something of its corporate reception.

It is necessary to wait for that in the second part of the novel, which should appear in the beginning of October, the ghost of Paul’s farewell to illusions and begin to drive a tour of the modern Petersburg.


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