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Russian Foreign Ministry said the shelling of the Russian embassy in Syria –

The Russian Embassy in Syria under fire. It happened in the morning on the eve of September 20, but it has become known only tonight. At the embassy one shell fell harmlessly.

The incident was reported by the Russian Foreign Ministry. On the online departments, in particular, it states that a fire occurring at 09:00 local time, implicated some Syrian fighters. According to the ministry, the projectile came from Dzhobar that holds opponents of President Bashar al-Assad.

“They did not identify themselves as” Islamic state “, but have external sponsors, who are responsible in providing the necessary impact on the illegal armed formations” – so the Foreign Ministry commented on the attack.

Sources Reuters reported about the beginning of the observation operation of the Russian Federation in Syria, using drones
 - mechanic vessel: trawler could sink due to a lack of ballast

A shell fell on the embassy and went deep into the earth. At the scene, called the Syrian sappers who removed large fragment labeled. “We strongly condemn the criminal bombardment of Russian diplomatic representation in Damascus,” – said the Foreign Ministry.

 Russian authorities are expected “a clear position in this regard the terrorist act of all members of the international community, including regional parties.” The Foreign Ministry said that after the incident, “we need not only words, but also concrete action.”

 The Russian Embassy had been shot earlier. The latest such incident took place in May, reminds TASS. Then another shell exploded 15 meters away from the main gate of the diplomatic mission, the other hit the outer wall, fell into a study of official embassy.

Luckily there were no victims. Russian Foreign Minister then qualified the incident as a terrorist act directed against diplomatic missions. A similar view was held by the UN Security Council.

Prior to that, a similar incident occurred on 5 February this year. During the shelling of Damascus hit a mine in the building of the consular department of the Embassy, ​​the victims among the Russians was not.

 The armed conflict in Syria lasts from spring 2011. The situation has sharply deteriorated since last year has intensified in the Russian Federation banned group “Islamic State”, which has won much of Syria. The fight against the IG leads an international coalition led by the United States. Recently, the media reported Russian military aid Assad’s troops.

  Rumors the estimated capacity of the Russian military presence in Syria and plans to establish a new naval airbase in the region of Latakia caused a great resonance in the West. The foreign press has suggested that Putin has decided to open in Syria “second front” , under the first meaning Ukraine.

 Moscow, refuting this type of message, recognizes that Syria has a Help in the framework of previous agreements. In the West, between the prevent , that such a policy could lead Russia to an open armed conflict in Syria, if Moscow would side with the army of Bashar al-Assad.

  Syrian rebels threatened to Russia, “the new Afghanistan”

At the same time, the agency Reuters referring to the respondents ‘fighters of the rebel groups’ reports that Syrian rebels, who the fifth year of fighting against Bashar al-Assad forces, believe that information about the Russian intervention will help them get more military aid from the Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia.

 According to surveyed by rebels, Assad’s opponents have had to meet more serious resistance of government troops in areas where, according to Western media and the Pentagon, Russia has already sent its military and technology.

 “According to our estimates, the war will last for a few years longer than it would without the intervention of Russian”, – told Reuters Abu Yusuf al-Muhajir, who is fighting against the forces of Assad in the region of Latakia.

According to one of the rebels, “Russia may engage in new Afghanistan. Cyuda will send troops, but they will be coming back in coffins.” According to a representative of one of the factions of the rebel Free Syrian Army, “a large-scale invasion of Russia in Syria will mean a continuation of the slaughter.”

  RF commencement of the observation operation in Syria, using drones

On Monday, Reuters, citing a source in the American leadership has reported that Russia has launched a Observation Mission in Syria, using drones. The interlocutor of the agency could not specify how many drones are involved in the observation mission. The Pentagon data source agency refused to comment.

 It is worth noting that in recent years the media actively discussed topic of increasing military support to Syria from Russia. Previously, “Kommersant” with reference to its sources reported that in the coming two years, Moscow is going to put the Arab Republic 12 fighter MiG-29M / M2.

 Russia’s activity in the SAR is fear the leadership of Israel. For discussion of the situation in the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even arrived in Russia to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of Russia assured the prime minister of Israel that Syria is not going to wage war against his country. The most urgent task for the Syrians now is to preserve their own state, Putin said.

 Against this background, experts discuss the possible scenario in Syria. One of them is similar to the data that the interlocutors voiced Reuters. Sources “Novaya Gazeta” in the organs of military planning and management of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation reported that the day before or immediately after Putin’s speech at the UN General Assembly on September 28 in Syria can be carried out an action that confirms the seriousness of Russia’s intentions.

  The trawler could sink due to a lack of ballast

 On Monday in Moscow hosted a regular round of Russian-Iranian consultations on the Middle East with the participation of the Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and African countries, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hussein Amir Abdollahiyana reported press service the Russian Foreign Ministry.

 “In the course of an extensive exchange of views on key regional issues the main focus was on promoting a political settlement of the Syrian crisis. At the same time stressed the need for a broad mezhsiriyskogo dialogue without external dictates and with due respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. This context, expressed support for the efforts of the special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria, Staffan de Mistura, “- said the ministry.

 Bogdanov Abdollahiyan also stressed the importance of “enhanced interaction with other international and regional actors in the interests of a lasting solution to the conflict in Syria and consolidation counter the terrorist threat,” especially on the part of the Russian Federation banned terrorist organization “Islamic State”.

 When considering the complex issues of security in the Persian Gulf Bogdanov drew attention to the well-known Russian initiative, “with work in this area on a collective basis with the participation of regional and other interested parties.”

 “There was a lack of alternatives to the active involvement of political and diplomatic tools as the key to the resolution of crisis situations in the region, including in Yemen”, – informed in dipvedomstva Russian Federation.

 Meanwhile, the Western press writes that Russia and Iran also agreed on a joint plan for the protection of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This, according to the material The Wall Street Journal , is the result of multi-level talks in Moscow. Plans Tehran and the Kremlin has attended in Washington. According to the source, in the capital of the United States are closely watching the situation.

According to the companion publication, close to the top management of the US build-up of Russia’s presence in Syria is the result of negotiations and a joint plan of Tehran and Moscow.

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