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Scandalous sculptor and scandalous operation – Moscow and Master – SoftSraze: actual and objectively


Scandalous sculptor and scandalous operation – Moscow and Master

Scandalous work has been presented to the audience. On passing the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, as a special guest of the works of well-known British sculptor Anish Kapoor, Vedomosti reported. In particular, the exhibition “My Little Homeland”, which is open for visits to the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, presented to the public four wizard. They are interested in the many.

Recall that the “dirty area” Kapoor exhibition in June this year at Versailles, became one of the most talked about works of art in recent months that many considered a sculpture obscene, and recently vandals and does it have painted anti-Semitic slogans. Therefore, in Moscow to the creation of sculptor attention.

According to critics, the British artist’s favorite objects are convex and concave mirrors of gigantic proportions, embodied in polished steel. Moreover, his sculptures often resemble a certain hourglass, where the sky and the earth periodically reversed. Master simply enters into deception and shocking his audience.
Works fascinate.

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