Monday, September 21, 2015

“Sunstroke” will compete for “Oscar” – Russian newspaper

At its meeting of Russian “Oscar” the committee by a majority vote nominated for the Academy Award “Oscar” film by Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Sunstroke”.

This was confirmed in a telephone Committee Chairman conversation winner “Oscar” Vladimir Menshov. From any comments our interlocutor declined – according to the rules, he has no right to divulge the secrets of the jury.

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Even the most critical of the film adaptation of Bunin’s necessary to recognize that sufficiently strong competitors in the film Mikhalkov was not. To the best of “RG” the information in the list of films featured his rivals level “Pioneer Heroes”. Even professional quality of Russian paintings, which have been on the domestic screens over the past “Oscar” season, can not be considered competitive: make themselves felt long-standing problem of lack of talent scenario shortage of original ideas and present artistic direction, a serial depravity acting workshop. So when some publication recently asked me to name the films that I personally would suggest to the “Oscar” I just threw up his hands: there are pictures are good, there is even good, but no breakthroughs on the social and artistic weight equal to at least last year’s ” Leviathan “.

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Oscar committee must take into account the theme of the painting, the meaning of which would go to the common human level – just to foreign audiences, including academics “Oscar”, this could make sense to read, understand and sympathize with plot points heroes. In this sense, “Sunstroke” undoubtedly wins the match history spontaneous surging love, revolutionary rage, changed all moral guidelines, and finally the pathetic final episodes – all of this will be perceived by the international audience, perhaps, easily and adequately.

In this film there are clear boundaries between good and evil, there is a commitment to the classical direction, have a professional working with actors. And the fact that the Russian public may perceive as the straightness or naive symbolism, it can cause the applause in Los Angeles. In other words, Mikhalkov was able to remove most of the film convertible total annual Russian repertoire.

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What are the prospects? As long as they are vague: still not all countries have put forward their proposals. But unlike the situation in the Russian cinema, “Sunstroke” is being asked to be in the company of a very, very strong: the year was quite fruitful as major films, and the new names. Hungary, for example, has put forward a powerful, timeless and innovative in their own movie as “Son of Saul” Laszlo Nemes. Many leading kinoderzhavy yet to define their candidates, but there are masterpieces and movie Awake Italy, in France, in Germany and in China. Now rather quickly formed part of the future of the long list, approved by the expert council of the American Film Academy Award – and then on the situation in the category “Best Foreign Language Film” will be judged with greater certainty.

So for Russian cinema behind the first phase of the Oscar race. It can be considered as preliminary: country nominated film is not yet the nominee. Will not be considered nominees and pictures that will be included in the long list – “long list”. And only when the movies will be selected on the penultimate distance, we can talk about this anticipation of success. Nikita Mikhalkov is able to achieve complete success for “Oscar” with the film “Burnt by the Sun” and enter twice shortlisted movie “Urga. Territory of Love” and “12″. “Sunstroke” – the fourth attempt directed to ascend the Olympus of world cinema. To what extent it will be successful – as they say on the First Channel, show time.

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