Friday, September 25, 2015

The media report about a possible arrest of the mayor Ivan Pozdeyeva Syktyvkar – Vedomosti

September 25 in the morning, he may have been arrested Chief of Staff Ivan Pozdeev Syktyvkar. This is reported by TASS and “Interfax” referring to sources in law enforcement bodies of the region. According to them, at home and in the office of official searches are conducted against him prosecuted. “According to preliminary data, Pozdeev suspected fraudulent schemes with the land,” – said the source TASS. Source of “Interfax” said the mayor is accused of illegal transactions with the land in the region. Both made it clear that due to the criminal case the head of Komi Vyacheslav Gayzer, who is accused of creating a criminal association in the country, in Pozdeyeva not. According to Tass, is engaged in the investigation of the security services.

A member of the press service of the mayor’s office has not confirmed Tass Pozdeyeva detention and said that the administration did not know about it, it works normally. It is known that at the beginning of the week Pozdeev while on vacation, workers spent planning meetings. Source of “Interfax” in the city administration said that the information about the detention of the mayor has already gone.

Earlier this week, already available information on the detention Pozdeyeva, but later it is not confirmed, it reminds “Interfax”.

The mayor is in a temporary detention center on Sovetskaya Street, reported portal citing a reliable source.

Senior Assistant Head of the TFR in the Komi Svetlana Korovchenko said “RIA Novosti” that does not have information on the arrest of the mayor of Syktyvkar.

Pozdeev Syktyvkar led administration in January 2011.


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