Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The song Happy Birthday to You became a folk – Dni.Ru

The well-known greeting song Happy Birthday to You became national. Court in Los Angeles dismissed the composition of the copyright by making it public domain.
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Court of Los Angeles has decided the issue of copyright in the well-known song Happy Birthday to You , which is traditionally performed on the occasion birthday. The American company Warner / Chappell Music sought recognition from the authorities of the composition of their intellectual property. Moreover, the record company claimed that it belongs not only music, but also the famous words of the composition.

After a long court proceedings, the United States decided that Warner / Chappell Music, after absorption Clayton F. Summy Co., which owned right on the famous song, really owns the composition Happy Birthday to You, but not all of its variations, and only a single arrangement. Moreover, the US authorities have found that the words of the song performed by people around the world, can not belong to one person, according to The Los Angeles Times.

In this connection, Los Court Angeles decided to make the song available to the public, transferring people . It is possible that this will be a landmark decision, which may be followed by a number of lawsuits, as the company Warner / Chappell Music, considered to be the owner of the rights to the song, received nearly two million dollars a year, claiming deductions every time someone used the song in movies, advertising or any other public product.

Recall that a song that has long been a favorite among the popular was invented in 1893. Author of popular tunes are sisters Mildred and Patty Hill, who wrote the song, sold the rights to its melody and arrangement of the piano company Summy Co.

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